Super Brown 2000 SA • Semi-Automatic • Dual Mitre • 80mm Round Capacity

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The Super Brown 2000 SA Semi-Automatic Circular Cold Saw with a Pneumatic Clamp offers the owner top value for money and is a European-built metal cutting machine designed and manufactured by Pedrazzoli in Italy. It is a Dual Mitre Saw with a 300 mm blade and a quick-lock clamping . The Super Brown 2000 has an operator pistol grip with a quick-action blade engagement trigger enhancing operator efficiency. The blade guarding completely encloses the 300 mm diameter blade, and the rapid blade changing system minimizes changeover and downtime. The control panel has power mains switch with a key interlock preventing unauthorized use, and next to it is easily accessible the speed selector switch. Multi-plane cutting is facilitated by the tilting head that is mounted on self-lubricating bushings, and mitre angles are easily set and locked in with a front side quick-lock lever. The SB2000 SA has a flood coolant system with refrigeration and comes with a material stop with a scale that reads in millimetres. All Pedrazzoli saws are manufacturined in the EU according to the most current machinery directives and are CE Certified and backed by a 2-year warranty.

    Specification Sheet Download Here
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    Cutting Capacities

    Round Tubes (Diameter)

    • 45° [mm]: 80
    •  0° [mm]: 80
    • 45° [mm]: 80
    • 60° [mm]: –

    Square Profiles (Length x Width)

    • 45° [mm]: 65 x 65
    •  0° [mm]: 80 x 80
    • 45° [mm]: 70 x 70
    • 60° [mm]: –

    Rectangle Profiles (Length x Width)

    • 45° [mm]: 70 x 65
    •  0° [mm]: 100 x 70
    • 45° [mm]: 75 x 70
    • 60° [mm]: –


    • Motor [kW]: 1.5
    • Blade Speeds [rpm]: 15 to 90
    • Rotation (L&R)[degrees]: 45 / 60
    • Degree Interlocks (L&R) [degrees]:
      45 / 45 and 60
    • Vice Maximum Opening [mm]: 170
    • Clamping: Penumatic
    • Blade Diameter [mm]: 350
    • Power Requirements:
      400V, 50 Hz, 3-Ph
    • Weight [Kg]: 345
    • Table Height [mm]: 950
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]:
      1000 x 1500 x 1500


    • Manual with rapid clamping
    • Pneumatic clamp with rapid clamping (MRP version)
    • Pistol Grip with blade engagement switch
    • Blade Guard Completely encloses the blade
    • Rapid blade change system
    • E-Stop push button
    • Key control on mains switch
    • Speed selector switch
    • Tilting Head on self-lubricating bushings
    • Quick-lock lever for mitre cutting
    • Flood Coolant with refrigeration
    • Material stop with millimetric scale
    • Spanner set for maintenance
    • Pedestal made of welded sheet metal
    • User’s Manual in English
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Certificate CE Compliance Statement.


    • Micromist Lubrication
    • MRP Pneumatic Quick Clamp Kit/li>
    • Laser Cutting Inidicator
    • Mechanical Speed Variator
    • Loading & Unloading Tables
    • Copper Cutting Kit


    A semi-automatic saw allows the operator to set the starting point of the saw head before the cut and the finishing point of the saw head for when the cut is complete.  The descent speed of the saw is determined and set by the operator.  The operartor initiates the cutting cycle by stepping on a foot pedal or pressing a button on the control panel.  Upon initiation of the process the material clamp, also known as the vice, closes and secures the material for the cutting process. The sawing head commences downward at the defined descent speed and the circular saw blade cuts through the material.  When the saw head reaches the defined bottom of the cut the saw head then returns to the defined starting position and the vice opens up allowing the operator to remove the cut piece and advance the material stock for the next cut and the process starts over again.

    To reduce cycle time, the operator sets the starting position of the cut as close as operationally possible to the stock material.  The finishing position is set to the location where the circular saw blade breaks through the material on the bottom side.  Clamping positions are set with the quick-action handwheel location at the front of the clamping mechanism.  The process involves placing the stock material in the vice and then rotating the handwheel until the vice firmly secures the material in the vice.  After the material is secured in the vice, the operator turns the handwheel one full rotation anti-clockwise, releasing the material and providing space for the operator to manipulate the material to the cutting position before the cut and allowing them to remove the cut piece when the cutting cycle is complete.  This position is then the start position for the vice during the automatic clamping process, reducing travel time, thus reducing cycle times.



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