ERLO TSE.45 Pillar Drill • Gear Driven • Automatic Feed • 45 mm Drilling • 35 mm Tapping

Product Code: TSE.45

"Discover our exceptional range of Round Column Pillar Drilling Machines, designed to deliver unmatched performance and precision in your drilling operations. We offer six distinct models to meet your specific requirements, each equipped with advanced features and built to the highest standards of quality.

Introducing our 40 to 45 mm Drill of Round Column Mechanical Automatic Feed, a powerhouse that combines efficiency and versatility to elevate your drilling capabilities. With its mechanical automatic feed system, you can effortlessly maintain a steady and consistent drilling pace, saving you time and effort.

The robust transmission gears ensure optimal power transmission, allowing for smooth and precise drilling operations. The column diameter of 100 mm provides stability and rigidity, ensuring accurate drilling results. With a generous distance of 400 mm from the spindle to the column, you'll have ample space to work with a wide range of workpieces.

Experience enhanced flexibility with the moveable table and fixed bit, allowing you to position your materials precisely and securely. The drilling capacity ranges from ⌀ 25 mm to 30 mm, catering to a variety of drilling needs. Tapping capacity of M 32-45 expands the versatility of this machine, enabling you to create threaded holes effortlessly.

The feed range of 0.10-0.20 allows for precise control over the drilling process, ensuring consistent results. The spindle cone of CM 3 offers compatibility with a wide range of drill bits. Powered by a robust engine with 1.1/1.6 | 1.5/1.9 HP, this machine delivers reliable performance, even in demanding drilling tasks.

With a selection of eight speeds ranging from 690 to 2200 rpm, you can easily adjust the drilling speed to suit different materials and applications. The drilling depth of 120 mm provides ample room for various drilling requirements.

Built to last, this machine boasts a sturdy construction with a weight of 565 kg, ensuring stability during operation. Its compact measurements of 655x400x2100 mm make it suitable for various workshop setups.

For added convenience, optional cooling equipment is available to keep the temperature under control during prolonged drilling sessions. Illuminate your workspace effectively with the integrated light equipment, providing clear visibility and minimizing errors.

Experience unparalleled performance and precision with our Round Column Pillar Drilling Machines. Choose the 40 to 45 mm model and unlock new levels of efficiency and accuracy in your drilling operations."

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    • Drilling capacity (mild steel): 45 mm
    • Tapping capacity (mild steel): M35
    • Transmission:GEARS (Hardened and grounded)
    • Speed number and range (without variator): A) 45-145 B) 65-207 C)100-316 D) 144-460 E) 215-686
    • F) 307-985 G) 470-1500 H) 690-2200 rpm
    • Feed: Automatic
    • Number and range of feeds: (3) 0,10-0,18-0,24
    • Clutch: Electro-magnetic
    • Main motor power (without variator) motor 1500 rpm: 3 HP
    • Main motor power (with variator) motor 1500 rpm: 3 HP
    • Spindle cone: CM4
    • Spindle stroke: 180 mm
    • Distance spindle-column: 350 mm
    • Distance spindle-table: Min 95 / Max 865
    • Distance spindle-base: 1220 mm
    • Column diameter: 150 mm
    • Dimensions of the table with 3 T-Slots:480 x 480 mm
    • Dimensions of the base with T-Slots:480 x 755 mm
    • CE Certified: Yes
    • Weight: net / gross kg.:435 / 565 Kg
    • Packaging dimensions and volume: 2380 x 602 x 1005 / 1.55 m3


    • Automatic feed, mechanical clutch
    • Gear Driven
    • Fixed Headstock
    • Adjustable depth end
    • Lighting equipment
    • Coolant equipment
    • Rotating and tilting table
    • Frontal wheel for fine sensitive feed
    • Tool ejector
    • Motor guard
    • Emergency push button
    • Main switch
    • Turning sense selector
    • Electrical equipment at low voltage
    • Electrical equipment in a separate cabinet
    • Drill Guard with Micro-Switch
    • CE Certified

    Optional Equipment

    • Extra price for speeds electronic variator (VE – 10021)
    • Speeds digital reader (for models with variator) (TAK – 10023)
    • Depth digital reader (LBC – 10022)
    • Manual tapping system ir/rs (IR/RS – 10042)
    • Manual tapping system ir/rs (for models with variator) (IR/RS (VE) – 10043)
    • Automatic tapping system by lead screw (includes one tapping pitch) (RPF – 30070)
    • Column supplement 200 mm. (SC – 30110)
    • Rapid approach and return with pneumatic counterweight (for tse serie) (ACNL – 30140)
    • Integral tubes drilling cycle/profiles and intermittances (for tse serie) (CI – 30145)

    Discover the ERLO TS Series

    Discover the ERLO TS Series, brought to you by The Workshop Press Company UK, your premier source for high-quality industrial machinery. Based in the heart of the Midlands, Kenilworth, we proudly present this top-tier range of industrial pillar drills, encompassing the TSA, TSE, TSAV, and TSEV models – each designed for precision and efficiency in metalworking.

    Key Features

    • Power and Precision: With main motor powers ranging from 2 to 3 HP and a consistent speed of 1500 r.p.m., the TS Series exemplifies strength and accuracy. These pillar drills are engineered to handle the rigors of S275 steel, ensuring smooth and stable performance.
    • Versatile Drilling Capacity: Whether it’s the fixed speed TSA models or the variable speed TSE models, this series adapts to various drilling requirements with ease, making it ideal for diverse industrial applications.
    • Advanced Auto-Feed Mechanism: Achieve precise and consistent drilling with the auto-feed feature, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.
    • Robust Construction: Designed for durability, the TS Series features a spindle stroke of 180 mm, robust table dimensions of 480×480 mm, and a significant machine height of 2300 mm, accommodating a wide range of industrial tasks.

    Why Choose the ERLO TS Series?

    • Tailored for the UK Market: As leaders in supplying industrial presses and metalworking machinery, The Workshop Press Company UK ensures the ERLO TS Series is perfectly suited for UK industries, especially those working extensively with S275 steel.
    • Versatility for Professionals: Whether it’s a drill press for intricate tasks or handling heavy-duty operations, the ERLO TS Series stands out as a versatile solution for professionals across various engineering fields.
    • Local Support and Service: Located in Kenilworth, our dedicated sales and service teams provide comprehensive support, embodying our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

    Enhance your industrial capabilities with the ERLO TS Series – a testament to engineering excellence in the world of industrial pillar drills. Visit The Workshop Press Company UK for unparalleled quality and service in metalworking solutions.