Double Column Mechanical Press • 630 Ton • 2 Connecting Rods• 6 Ram Guides • PPMFS-2-630

Product Code: PPMFS-2-630

The PPMFS-2-630 6300 Ton Mechanical Double Column Eccentric press is designed for deep-drawing, blanking, forming, shearing, cutting, punching and stamping. Mechanical Eccentric Presses are used in many different industries: the automotive, railway and aerospace industries to name a few.
The structural framework of the Double Column Press is made of S355JR steel and has one connecting rod along with 6 guided rams. The main connecting rod is made out of high-tensile strength steel forged for durability and is supported by industrial alloy bushings. The Double Column Series Mechanical Profi Press has an integrated and centralized motorized lubrication system, with overload protection and an electro-pneumatic clutch brake.
The displayed presses are our standard offering, but any press can be modified to suit the customer’s requirements, so please enquire.

The PPMFS-2-630 by RHTC Profi Press is manufactured in EU according to CE directives and delivered directly from our warehouse with CE Certification.

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    Technical specifications
    Pressure force [tn]: 630
    Motor power [kw]: 55
    Strokes per minute [spm]: 20 – 30
    Cylinder stroke [mm]: 250 (PPMFS-2L: 200)
    Max. closed mould height [mm]: 600
    Distance table & ram [mm]: 850 (PPMFS-2L: 800)
    Ram adjustment [mm]: 0-140
    Table size [mm]: 1300 x 2500 (PPMFS-2L: 1300 x 2800)
    Ram size [mm]: 1300 x 2500 (PPMFS-2L: 1300 x 2800)
    Table height [mm]: 1100
    Total length [mm]: 2600
    Total width (frontal) [mm]: 3600 (PPMFS-2L: 3900)
    Overall height [mm]: 5600

    Features of this mechanical metal forming press
    The prismatic and sliding guides offer maximum rigidity
    Central motorized lubrication system to guarantee perfect performance and maintenance
    Hydraulic overload protection to protect the machine components and installed tools
    Effective balance of the slide and dies by means of two pneumatic cylinders
    Electro-pneumatic clutch and brake combination equipped with a dual safety solenoid valve. Including compensation tank, regulator-lubrication filter & pressure control switch
    Complex system of eccentric gears with opposite rotation, allowing a double speed reduction & long strokes
    Level IV safety light guards
    Programmable control system (PLC)
    Automatic ram adjustment
    Shut height indicator
    Mechanical rotary cam limit switch & magnetic cam limit switch
    Anti-vibration pads
    Operation by means of a two-hands push-button control as well as a foot pedal

    Optional accessories
    Inverter (speed variation)
    Pneumatic or hydraulic die ejector or cushion
    Lower auxiliary table
    Strain gauge system
    NC digital display with memories to save working cycles

    Double Column Presses Chart

    The Profi Press mechanical presses: suitable for performing stamping, cutting and deep-drawing work.

    We produce these mechanical presses in Europe. Equipped with only high quality components and made out of S355JR steel. You can use these high-performance presses for a wide variety of applications in many different industries. Suitable for cost-effective production in the automotive, aerospace and railway industries and many other branches that use metal forming.

    CE Certificate

    This press comes with a standard 2-Year Warranty and a CE Certificate as standard.

    All Profi Presses by RHTC are customisable, integrative, and have custom tools available.
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