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Discover our extensive range of precision-engineered tools designed for horizontal press brakes, catering to the demanding needs of metalworkers, fabricators, and manufacturing engineers. Our collection includes standard tools, specialized Promecan press brake tool holders, innovative bending solutions, and accessories designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and versatility in metal fabrication processes.

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    Our product lineup for horizontal press brakes includes:

    • Standard Tools: Essential for basic operations, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.
    • Promecan Press Brake Tool Holders: Optimized for secure tool placement and quick changes, enhancing workflow.
    • Goose Neck Punches: Available in multiple variants for specialized bending tasks, offering versatility and precision.
    • Pipe and Tube Bending Tools: Engineered for accurate bends on various diameters, preserving material integrity.
    • Multi Vee Press Brake Tool & Blade Punches: Ideal for sheet metal fabrication, allowing for multiple bending angles and sizes.
    • Heavy Duty Bending Tools: Designed for handling metal plates with precision and strength.
    • Beam Straightening and Cambering Devices: For correcting and curving beams with high accuracy.
    • Complete Ring & Circle Bending Tools: Facilitate forming solid rods, flat bars, and plates into circular shapes.
    • Cutting and Punching Tools: For precise cutting and hole-punching operations in a variety of materials.
    • Specialized Bending Tools: Including S Bracket bending tools, flat bar bending tools, and box section bending tools for specific applications.

    Round Tube and Pipe Bending Tool for Tubes and Pipes for such Outside Diameters as 26.7, 33.4, 42.2, 48.3, and 60.3 mm and on a wide variety of Bend Radii

    Flat Bar Bending tool for bending Flat Bar the Hard Way on a variety of Radii.

    Square Tube Bending Tool for Bending Box Section and Rectangle Sections on a variety of different Radii.

    Promecam press brake tool tool holder for a horizontal press brake

    Promecam European Press Brake Tool Holder for a Horizontal Press Brake


    Standard and Bespoke Punches

    Standard and Bespoke Tool Holding Pins

    standardd tooling display for horizontal press brakes from The Workshpo Press Co

    Standard Tool Set comes with 2 Posts, 1 Tool Post, V-Punch, V-Die, Tool Holder Plate, T-Slot Face Plate, and Tie Bar

    Tube punching tool for a horizontal press brake

    Hole Punch for Tubes

    U Bracket Bending tool for a horizontal press brake

    S Bracket Bending Tool


    Standard and Bespoke Blade Punches & Multi-Vee

    Flat Bar and Plate 360 Circle Bending Tool

    Rod cutting device for a Horizontal press brake

    Rod Cutting Tool

    Solid Rod ring bending for horizontal press brake

    Solid Rod 360 Degree Circle Bending Tool

    Blade Punch and Multi Vee Die for Horiztonal Press Brake

    Standard and Bespoke Punches – Combination Blade Punch and Multi-Vee

    Beam Straightener and Cambering Tool.

    Beam Straightener for Horizontal Press Brakes

    Beam Straightener and Cambering Tool

    V-Punch Posts for Horiztontal Press Brakes

    Standard and Bespoke Tool Pin Punches for Bending Heavy Plates and Bars

    Bolt Punch POsts for bending complete boxes with tight angles.

    Standard and Bespoke Bolt Punches for bending Boxes with tight clearances

    Single V-Blocks in Various Widths and Angles.  Standard sizes and Bespoke Sizes are available.

    Standard and Bespoke Blade Punches – Various Depths and Radii typcially used with a Multi-Vee Block

    Promecam Press Brake Tool Holder for European Style Press Brake Tools.

    Tube and Pipe Bending Tool available in typical sizes and in varying Radii


    Multi-Vee Die for Light Gauge Sheet Metal typically used with a Knife Blade Punch

    5 Litre Hydraulic Oil Jug
    Stay prepared with for top-ups and refills with a 5 Litre Hydraulic jug of Oil for your hydraulic presses.
    20 Litre Hydraulic Oil Jerrycan
    Hydraulic oil with in a 20 Litre Jerrycan for oil changes and top-ups.
    25 Litre Hydraulic Oil Jerrycan
    Ensure continuous operation with our 25 Litre Hydraulic Oil Jerrycan.

    Comprehensive Catalogue of Products and Components Fabricated Using Horizontal Press Brakes


    • Metal Brackets
      • Angle Brackets: Support brackets for structural connections.
      • Mounting Brackets: Used for securing machinery or equipment to surfaces and floors
    • Enclosures
      • Electrical Enclosures and Cabinets: Fixtures, Brackets, Busbars, Wire Channels and Loops.
      • Machine Guards: Protective enclosures for machinery along with enclosed light curtains.
    • Frames
      • Chassis Frames: Structural bases for vehicles and machinery.
      • Door Frames: Metal frames for doors in buildings and vehicles.
    • Panels
      • Facade Panels: Decorative exterior panels for buildings.
      • Control Panels: Metal housings for controls and displays for machinery.
    • Boxes
      • Junction Boxes: Enclosures for electrical connections.
      • Tool Boxes: Durable containers for storing tools.
    • Flanges
      • Pipe Flanges: Connectors for piping systems, providing support and strength.
      • Mounting Flanges: Used for attaching objects to surfaces or machinery.
    • Hinges
      • Pivot Hinges: For doors and panels, allowing rotation.
      • Butt Hinges: Common hinges for doors, connecting two flat components.
    • Handles
      • Lever Handles: For manual operation of machinery or doors.
      • Pull Handles: Attached to doors, drawers, or cabinets for pulling.
    • Furniture Components
      • Table Legs: Support legs for tables made from metal.
      • Chair Frames: Structural frames for metal chairs.
    • Automotive Parts
      • Bracket Supports: For securing components and drive systems within vehicles.
      • Body Panels: Shaped metal parts forming the exterior of vehicles.
    • Construction Elements
      • I-Beams: Support beam processing used in construction.
      • Reinforcement Bars: Size and Bending or Re-Bars used to reinforce concrete structures.
    • Agricultural Machinery Parts
      • Plow Blades: Cutting or turning soil in agriculture.
      • Brackets, Arms, and Guards: Support and attaching machinery components along with safety rails.
    • Railings
      • Handrails: Supportive railing for stairs, balconies, mezzanines, and machinery.
      • Balusters: Vertical mouldings supporting railing structures.
    • Signage
      • Sign Frames: Metal frames for holding sign boards.
      • Bracket Signs: Signs mounted on brackets extending from surfaces.
    • Lighting Fixtures
      • Lamp Bases: Metal bases for standing lamps.
      • Fixture Frames: Frames supporting the structure of lighting fixtures.
    • Shelving Units
      • Bracket Shelves: Shelves supported by metal brackets.
      • Storage Racks: Metal racks for organizing and storing items.
    • Art and Sculptural Pieces
      • Metal Sculptures: Artistic forms created from metal.
      • Decorative Panels: Intricately designed metal panels for aesthetic purposes.
    • Conveyance Systems
      • Conveyor Frames: Structural frames supporting conveyor systems.
      • Guide Rails: Rails guiding the movement of conveyance systems.
    • Ventilation Components
      • Ductwork: Metal conduits for HVAC systems.
      • Vent Covers: Covers for air vents, controlling airflow.
    • Marine Parts
      • Hull Plates: Metal plates forming the exterior of vessels.
      • Deck Fittings: Metal components attached to the deck of a ship.
    • Metal Gates
      • Swing Gates: Gates that swing open on hinges.
      • Sliding Gates: Gates that slide open horizontally.
    • Metal Fences
      • Picket Fences: Metal fences with vertical pickets.
      • Panel Fences: Processing and Forming of Panels for pre-assembled metal panels.

    Capabilities of Horizontal Press Brakes in Metal Forming

    Horizontal Press Brakes (HPBs) are versatile tools capable of manipulating a wide array of metals, each selected for its unique properties and applications:

    • Steel Varieties: Ranging from mild steel, perfect for general fabrication, to high-strength, low-alloy steel for structural needs, and tool steel for high-durability tooling. Stainless steel is our go-to for corrosion resistance.
    • Aluminum Alloys: We work with Series 3000, 5000, and 6000 aluminum, balancing strength and pliability for diverse applications.
    • Copper and Alloys: Ideal for electrical components, our HPBs handle pure copper with precision, as well as bronze and brass for both decorative and utilitarian components.
    • Titanium: Utilized in aerospace and medical industries, we bend Grade 2 and 5 titanium for its exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.
    • Nickel Alloys: Our equipment is adept at shaping nickel alloys for applications demanding resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.

    Metal Bending Techniques and Considerations

    The art of bending metals with Horizontal Press Brakes involves a nuanced understanding of material properties and the right application of technology:

    • Understanding Material Properties: Acknowledging the ductility, tensile strength, and hardness of metals to apply the correct force and speed.
    • Tooling Adaptation: Selecting the right tools is paramount, especially for harder metals that demand durable tooling.
    • Advanced Programming: Utilizing NC or CNC technology for precise control over bending parameters, accommodating for material-specific traits like springback.
    • Bending Execution: Skillfully forming metals into desired angles or shapes, with special consideration for materials prone to high springback, ensuring accuracy in the final product.

    Versatility in Shaping Profiles and Structures

    Our Horizontal Press Brakes excel in forming a multitude of profiles and shapes, crucial for diverse fabrication projects:

    • Flat Sheets and Plates: Transforming into functional forms like pans, boxes, and brackets.
    • Angles and Channels: Essential for creating supportive structures such as frames and enclosures.
    • Tubes and Pipes: Catering to both round and rectangular profiles for structural and fluid transport applications.
    • Bars: Bending flat, round, and square bars for a variety of uses from supports to machine components.
    • Custom and Complex Shapes: Our HPBs are equipped to handle intricate designs, including serpentine bends and multi-radius curves, catering to complex geometric sections and 3D designs.

    Mastery in Forming Diverse Profiles and Shapes

    The capability to bend various profiles and shapes with precision underscores the advanced functionality of our Horizontal Press Brakes:

    • Specialized Tooling: Custom dies and punches are essential for accurately bending unique profiles, ensuring flawless shaping without distortion.
    • Control Precision: NC technology facilitates the programming of complex bends, achieving precise control over every aspect of the bending process.
    • Support Systems: For complex or elongated shapes, support systems are employed to maintain alignment and prevent deformation.
    • Consistent Accuracy: Advanced control systems enable the replication of specific bending operations, ensuring uniformity across batches for assembly-ready components.

    Elevate your metal fabrication operations to new heights with The Workshop Press Company UK’s top-tier selection of horizontal press brakes. Our range includes models from 10 to 150 tons, catering to various scales of metalworking needs. Engineered with precision, our products are built to last, offering unparalleled durability that withstands the rigors of intense metalworking environments. Each tool and accessory is meticulously designed to enhance versatility, enabling you to tackle a wide range of projects with ease. In addition to our standard offerings, we specialize in providing bespoke versions of machines, tailored to unique requirements. Whether you’re bending, shaping, or cutting, our comprehensive suite ensures optimal performance and efficiency in every task, setting new standards in precision metalworking with customizable solutions to meet your specific needs.