Rack Presses

Here at Workshop Press, we take great pride in offering rack presses for sale as a category of metalworking equipment. We take satisfaction in having a large selection of equipment to pick from and we specialise in providing high quality metal fabrication equipment.

There are many distinct applications for metal pressing. All kinds of significant parts, from aerospace and automotive parts to medical equipment, might incorporate pressing and stamping. Pressings are useful in many different industries, but the tool used to make them depends on the part’s size, number, and other crucial elements.

Rack presses are often best used when a precise and steady force is required throughout the pressing range.

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This little bench top rack press has a 200kg maximum pressure capacity. Depending on the force applied to the lever, the rack press delivers a linear and reliable powered stroke. Additionally, the vertical light may be changed from 54 to 200mm, and the stroke can be adjusted from 0 to 50mm. This lightweight rack press is ideal for compact workbenches because it weighs only 8 kg.


This rack press, which weighs 17 kg, has a pressure force that is significantly more than the PP2HR’s 400 kg force. Its vertical light ranges from 35 to 270mm, and its stroke can be altered from 0 to 80mm. This press is highly sturdy and ergonomic, and it is simple to instal.


The vertical light, which has an adjustment range of 46-280mm, may be quickly and easily adjusted with the PP4HR rack press. Its stroke, which spans from 0-100mm, may also be changed smoothly. This rack press includes pre-drilled mounting holes and a 600kg pressure force. It is simple to put on a countertop.


This rack press, which weighs 45 kg and has a 1400 kg pressure force, is the heaviest duty rack press that Workshop Press offers. Additionally, it has an adjustable stroke range of 0-420mm and a rotating table for convenience. For the highest levels of durability and precision, the stroke can be locked for rotation.