Horizontal Press Brakes

Crafted to surpass the demands of modern metalworking, our high-performance range offers precision bending, folding, and complex fabrication capabilities with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Catering to every scale of operation with models ranging from the agile 10-ton to the robust 100+ ton, each horizontal press brake ensures compliance with the latest CE regulations for optimal performance and safety, all underpinned by a comprehensive 2-Year Warranty.

1 to 3 Day delivery within the United Kingdom Mainland.

UK Expertise

1-3 Days Delivery
The Workshop Press Company ships presses and metal working around the world and to the United States.

USA Sales

Nationwide Service
The Workshop Press Company ships presses and metal working around with ease and efficiently to Ireland.

Ireland Sales

Fast Delivery to Ireland
The Workshop Press Company ships presses and metal working around the world.


Global Shipping

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Choosing Workshop Press For Your Horizontal Press Brakes

      • Versatile Tooling and Accessories: Expand your capabilities with an extensive selection of tools for bending, punching, crimping, and cutting, alongside optional accessories like Positioning Tables and NC Touchscreen Controls.
      • Custom Configurations: Match your specific project requirements with customizable features, ensuring every press brake is a perfect fit for your workshop’s needs.
      • Commitment to Safety: Equipped with advanced safety features, including light curtains and emergency stops, prioritising operator well-being alongside productivity.

Beyond the Horizontal Press Machine

      • Unwavering Support: Benefit from our extensive after-sales service, including maintenance, parts availability, and technical assistance, ensuring your press brake continues to operate at peak efficiency.
      • Training for Excellence: Utilise our on-site training services to ensure your team’s proficiency and safety in operating our machinery.
      • Energy Efficiency: Experience reduced operational costs without compromising on performance, thanks to our energy-efficient design.
      • Rapid Delivery: With standard models ready for dispatch, we ensure your press brake arrives when you need it, complete with reliable delivery estimates for custom orders.

Discover the Difference with Workshop Press

Explore how our Horizontal Hydraulic Press Brakes can redefine your metalworking processes. With Workshop Press, you gain more than a machine; you gain a partner dedicated to enhancing your workshop’s efficiency, safety, and quality of output.

Ready to Transform Your Metalworking?

Connect with us to find the perfect hydraulic press brake solution tailored to your needs.

From detailed consultations to custom configurations and beyond, Workshop Press is here to enhance your operations.