C-Frame Hydraulic Presses: Precision, Power & Performance

C Frame, C Press, or Gap Frame Presses are a variety of punch press that is the perfect tool for any metalworking or stamping facility because they deliver large tonnages with a small footprint, and their uses are limitless. Displayed are our standard configurations, but all presses we offer can be customised to suit the customer’s needs. Bespoke features such as varying tonnages, controls, open heights, shut heights, and many other additions are available.  According to the latest CE Regulations and Directives, Manufactured in the EU have a standard 2-Year Warranty.

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The C-Frame Press Machine: A Revolution in Metalworking

At The Workshop Press Company UK, we champion C-Frame press machines, a marvel in hydraulic technology. From a sturdy 16 tons to a formidable 300 tons, these C-Frame presses, particularly the hydraulic C-Frame press, meld power with precision like none other.

Why Our C-Frame Presses Stand Out

Compact Yet Powerful:
The C-Frame press machine comes with a surprisingly small footprint. Open on three sides, they accommodate any workspace without skimping on functionality.

Versatility in Every Task:
Whether it’s punching, blanking, coining, straightening, bending, or assembly, the C-Frame presses adapt with unparalleled ease.

Cost-Effective Metalworking:
Our hydraulic C-Frame press solutions give you superior performance without breaking the bank.

Features of the Superior C-Frame Press Machines

User-Friendly Control Systems:
Choose between the modern HMI or the intuitive micro switch system. Either way, control is always within reach.

Swift Access and Die Changes:
The open design of our C-Frame presses ensures hassle-free access to the workpiece and expedites die changes.

Tailored to Your Needs:
We understand that each task is unique. That’s why our C-Frame press machines, including the horizontal hydraulic press, come with myriad customisation options.

FAQs for the Prospective Buyer

How do C-Frame press machines compare to horizontal hydraulic presses?
Both are powerful, but the C-Frame press machine stands out for its compactness and adaptability in various tasks. Conversely, horizontal hydraulic presses are often the go-to for specialised tasks like straightening and bending.

Is the hydraulic C-Frame press from The Workshop Press Company UK apt for intricate projects?
Certainly! With adjustable force and speed control, our C-Frame press machines ensure precision is paramount.

Crafting the Future of Metalworking

Investing in a C-Frame hydraulic press with us is about amplifying your metalworking potential. Our C-Frame presses, particularly the hydraulic C-Frame press, are designed to elevate your operations.

Contact us now and forge ahead in the metalworking domain with us.