Double Column Mechanical Presses

If you want to carry out processes like stamping, cutting and deep-drawing work, the Double Column Mechanical Profi Presses are the practical choice. RHTC high-performance presses are perfect for applications within many different industries and enable manufacturers to produce stamped components cost-effectively. Industries using such presses are the automotive, aerospace and railway industries in addition to many others. As leading suppliers of double column mechanical presses and metal working machinery, we can give you our expert advice to help you choose the best machine for your application.

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Our Double Column Mechanical Presses are made in Europe with high-quality components and S355JR steel providing a long service life and are suitable for a wide variety of applications including stamping, cutting, deep drawing, metal forming, and metalworking in many different industries, including automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and railway.

Our Stamping Press Program includes two series which includes a variety of sizes and capacities meeting the needs of wide variety of different applications. Our standard offering includes the Metalworking Presses starting at a capacity of 100 tons, while the largest press has a capacity of 630 tons.

  • The PPMVS-model is equipped with one connecting rod, 6-guided ram, and a programmable control system (100 to 400 tons).
  • The PPMFS-model is equipped with two connecting rods, 6-guided ram, and a programmable control system (300 to 630 tons).

***Bespoke Features and Presses are also available.

The prismatic and sliding guides on our presses offer maximum rigidity, eliminating deformation of the work surfaces and these Eccentric Metalworking Presses are designed with a complex system of eccentric gears with opposite rotation, which allows for a double reduction in speed and long strokes.

Our high-speed presses are equipped with a central motorized lubrication system, overload protection, and an electropneumatic clutch-brake combination. They are also manufactured to comply with all the latest CE Machinery Directives and come with a two-year warranty.

The Profi Press Double Column Mechanical Press is a wise investment for businesses that need a reliable and powerful press, and our presses are easy to operate, are safe, and easy to maintain.

How do Double Column Mechanical Presses Work?

A Double Column Mechanical Press works by using a mechanical system to convert the rotational energy of a motor into linear force. The motor turns a crankshaft, which in turn drives a connecting rod, which is attached to the ram. As the crankshaft rotates the ram moves the main slide plate up and down, applying force to the workpiece.

What is the difference between a Hydraulic Double Column Press and a Mechanical Double Column Press?

Hydraulic Double Column Presses operate generally in the same manner except the mechanism driving the main ram is a hydraulic piston vs. a motor and crankshaft.  Mechanical Double Column Presses are typically less expensive than hydraulic presses and can be equally as powerful and precise.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of double column mechanical presses?

Double column mechanical presses offer several advantages, including:

  • High force capacity: Double column mechanical presses can exert a high amount of force, making them ideal for demanding applications.
  • Accuracy: Double column mechanical presses are very accurate, making them well-suited for precision work.
  • Durability: Double column mechanical presses are built to last, making them a wise investment for businesses that need a reliable press.

When choosing a double column mechanical press, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Force capacity / Tonnage of the press
  • Physical Dimensions
  • Safety Features
  • Table Sizes
  • Vertical Daylight
  • Horizontal Daylight
  • Accuracy of the press
  • Quality of the materials components used to build the press
  • Budget

When purchasing a Double Column Stamping press, it is important to buy from a reputable dealer like The Workshop Press Company UK that can provide you with customer support and warranty coverage.

Learn more about our offering of Double Column Mechanical Power Press today and see how it can help you improve your productivity and efficiency.  Contact us today at Ph: 0800 999 1090 or at