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Coil Equipment:  Includes Electronic Feeders to Hydraulic De-Coilers, Our Series Are Designed to Enhance Material Flow, Reduce Downtime, and Elevate Quality in Metal Stamping Processes. Discover Tailored Solutions That Meet the Rigorous Demands of Modern Manufacturing, Leveraging Advanced Technology for Unparalleled Accuracy and Efficiency.  All models are built in the EU and are CE Certified.

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Series AE: Electronic Feeder
The AE Series electronic feeders are precision devices designed for the accurate and efficient feeding of coil material into press machinery. With models ranging from AE-0 to AE-3, this series caters to a wide array of material widths and thicknesses, ensuring optimal performance for various metal stamping operations. Ideal for high-speed and precision applications, the AE Series is the cornerstone of efficiency in automated press feeding.

Series EM: Straightener
The EM Series encompasses a range of straighteners (EM-46, EM-61, EM-85, EM-100) designed to remove material curvature before the stamping process. These models are engineered to handle different material widths and thicknesses, providing a versatile solution for improving material flatness and quality. The EM Series is essential for operations requiring high precision and material integrity.

Series D: Mechanical Vertical De-Coiler
The D Series mechanical vertical de-coilers (D-1000, D-2000, D-3000, D-4000) are robust solutions for coil handling and preparation. Designed to accommodate various coil sizes and weights, these models ensure smooth and reliable uncoiling for a seamless feed into the press. Their mechanical design emphasizes durability, low maintenance, and ease of use.

Series DH: Hydraulic Vertical De-Coiler
The upcoming DH Series introduces hydraulic vertical de-coilers, promising enhanced control and flexibility for handling heavier and more challenging coils. This series is anticipated to set new standards in coil processing efficiency and operator safety.

Series 2D: Double Mechanical Vertical De-Coiler
The future 2D Series will offer double mechanical vertical de-coilers, expanding capabilities for simultaneous handling of two coils, reducing downtime, and increasing production efficiency. This innovative solution is designed for high-demand environments seeking to maximize throughput.

Series DHP: Horizontal Pallet De-Coiler
The DHP Series (DHP-1000/1000, DHP-1200/2000, DHP-1400-3000, DHP-1600/5000) features horizontal pallet de-coilers for efficient and ergonomic coil loading and unloading. These models are tailored for operations looking to optimize space and improve material handling safety.

Series DEMAE: Compact Feeding Line
The DEMAE Series combines de-coiling, straightening, and electronic feeding into a compact feeding line (DEMAE-46, DEMAE-61, DEMAE-85, DEMAE-100), offering a streamlined solution for small to medium-sized operations. This series exemplifies integration and space efficiency, ideal for workshops looking to enhance productivity without expanding their footprint.

Bespoke Models
LaRA also offers bespoke models, providing custom solutions tailored to specific operational requirements and challenges. This service ensures that every client can achieve optimal performance and efficiency, regardless of their unique manufacturing environment.