Hydraulic Press FAQs

The Workshop Press Company UK is a leading supplier of hydraulic presses in the UK, and they offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of a variety of customers.


Frequently asked Questions about Industrial Hydraulic Presses:


Where can I view the various Hydraulic Presses that The Workshop Press Company UK offers?

The Workshop Press Company has the most complete offering of metal pressing presses in the UK and they can be view by clicking HERE.


What is the difference between a hydraulic press and a mechanical press?

A hydraulic press uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate force, while a mechanical press uses a mechanical system to transfer energy to the shaft connected to the slide table.


How much does a hydraulic press cost?

The cost of a hydraulic press varies depending on the size, force, and features of the press. Generally, hydraulic presses range in price from a few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds.


How do I use a hydraulic press safely?

It is important to use a hydraulic press safely to avoid injury. Here are some safety tips for using a hydraulic press:

  • Always wear safety glasses when operating a hydraulic press.
  • Never operate a hydraulic press if it is damaged.
  • Never overload a hydraulic press.
  • Always keep your hands and fingers away from the press ram when it is moving.
  • Be aware of the potential for hydraulic fluid leaks.
  • Keep the press and the surrounding working area tidy at all times.
  • Check safety systems on a routine basis and scheduled basis.


What is the warranty on the hydraulic press?

A good warranty will protect you from unexpected repairs or replacement costs, and always make sure to ask about the warranty before you make a purchase.  Our presses come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 or 2 years.  The warranty duration varies based on the type of press that is purchased, so please ask our sales staff about the warranty when discussing your hydraulic press needs.


Are the Hydraulic Presses CE Certified?

All presses sold by The Workshop Press Company are manufactured according to the latest machinery directives and are CE Certified.


How are the hydraulic press machines delivered?

The size of the hydraulic press determines how the machine is delivered to site.  Most presses will come on the back of a lorry and can be lifted into place with a forklift.  Large presses will come laying down on their size or back and will need to be put up right upon arrival.  This is carried out with a variety of heavy-duty lifting equipment.


Is assembly required when the press arrives to site?

Some assembly may be required and depends on the hydraulic pressing machine that is purchased.  Workshop Presses typically come with they power pack safely packed on their bed, and after being put into place need to be secured to the frame of the press and the hoses need to be connected.  A good majority of the hydraulics presses sold by The Workshop Press Company come ready to use.  Large presses will require some building up and this process is carried out by factory professionals.


Can you position presses in difficult places?

Yes, we can place and situate presses in the most difficult places.  To determine the processes required to get a press into a difficult place our sales professional will need to visit your site to evaluate the equipment and resources required to move the press into place.


Does the press come with a power cord and plug and what power is required?

As a standard, all presses sold by The Workshop Press Company are 400V, 50Hz, 3-Phase power, but 1-Phase presses are also available by special order.  Smaller presses will typically require an industrial 16 amp circuit at a minimum.  Larger presses may or may not come with a cord and plug on them.  If you require a specific cord and plug, please enquire and our industrial electrician can install them according to your requirements.  Our electrician can also come to your site and hard wire the press machine into your mains.


Does the press come with hydraulic oil?

Some presses come with hydraulic oil already in the reservoir, but Workshop Presses do not.  Either way it is best to enquire, and we can supply hydraulic oil as required.