Roll Frame Portal Presses

The RHTC Profi Manual Portal Presses are equipped with a manually movable main cylinder from left to right. They also feature a manually movable Roll Frame Bridge that moves from front to back.

The main hydraulic piston, in motorised mode, advances with the joystick. For delicate operations, the piston can be manually advanced with the hand pump. The main hydraulic unit has 2 speeds.

RHTC manufactures the PPTL-100 and PPTL-160 portal presses in Europe and both have a 2-year Warranty. Profi Press manufactures all hydraulic presses in the EU to the latest CE regulations.

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Portal Presses and Roll Frame Presses: Hydraulic Press Technology from The Workshop Press Company UK

Hydraulics is a powerful technology that can be used to apply enormous forces in a variety of industries. In the railway and shipbuilding industries, hydraulic presses are used for maintenance, fabrication, production, and testing.

When using traditional Hydraulic H Frame Presses it can be challenging to place the workpiece into the Hydraulic Workshop Press especially when working with large or heavy workpieces. The Roll Frame Press from The Workshop Press Company UK provides the press operator a different type of hydraulic press that addresses the challenges of loading heavy and awkward workpieces.

The Roll Frame Press, also known as a Portal Press, features a unique design that allows the H-Frame of the Industrial Press to be manually rolled to either end of the press bed making it easy to load and unload workpieces, even if they are large or heavy ensuring that the workpiece is always properly aligned with the pressing cylinder, resulting in consistent results.

The Manual Roll Frame Press Series is available in 100 ton and 160 ton versions with standard or extra-wide bed sizes. The 100-ton and 160-ton models are fitted with double acting cylinders for fast retraction and a piston end that enables the press operator to attach the right tool for the job.

The two-speed hydraulic pump provides the press operator with maximum flexibility during work cycles and provides advantages in productivity by allowing the operator to control the pressure and working mode of the press while integrated pressure gauges provide extra safety and control.

The Roll Frame Press is the ultimate in simplicity and flexibility. It is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications.

Here are some additional benefits of the Roll Frame Press from The Workshop Press Company UK:

  • Increased productivity: The Roll Frame Press can help you to increase productivity by reducing the time it takes to load and unload workpieces. It can also help you to improve accuracy by ensuring that workpieces are always properly aligned with the pressing cylinder.
  • Improved safety: The Roll Frame Press can provide a safer alternative to traditional hydraulic presses making it easier to load and unload large and heavy workpieces, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: The Roll Frame Press is a low-maintenance machine and incorporates a double acting cylinder helping to extend the life of the press.

If you are looking for a powerful, versatile, and safe hydraulic press, then the Roll Frame Portal Press from The Workshop Press Company UK is the right choice for you. Contact us today to learn more.