Double Column Mechanical Press • PPMVS 100 • 100 Ton • Single Connecting Rod • 6 Ram Guides

Product Code: PPMVS-100

This double column eccentric press has a capacity of 100 tons. Suitable to carry out tasks involving deep-drawing, cutting, punching and stamping. Our Profi Press mechanical presses can be used for various applications in many different industries: the automotive, railway and aerospace industries and many more related branches that use metal forming.

2-year warranty.

The PPMVS-100 by RHTC Profi Press is manufactured in EU according to CE directives and delivered directly from our warehouse with CE Certification.

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    Technical specifications
    • Pressure force [tn]: 100
    • Motor power [kw]: 11
    • Strokes per minute [spm]: 60
    • Cylinder stroke [mm]: 20 – 150
    • Max. closed mould height [mm]: 350
    • Distance between table and ram [mm]: 500
    • Ram adjustment [mm]: 0-80
    • Table size [mm]: 900 x 1000
    • Ram size [mm]: 900 x 1000
    • Table height [mm]: 900
    • Total length [mm]: 1950
    • Total width (frontal) [mm]: 2250
    • Overall height [mm]: 4200
    Features of this double column eccentric press
    • The prismatic and sliding guides offer maximum rigidity
    • Central motorized lubrication system to guarantee a perfect performance and maintenance
    • Hydraulic overload protection to protect the machine components and installed tools
    • Effective balance of the slide and dies by means of two pneumatic cylinders
    • Electro-pneumatic clutch and brake combination equipped with a dual safety solenoid valve. Including compensation tank, regulator-lubrication filter & pressure control switch
    • Complex system of eccentric gears with opposite rotation, allowing a double reduction in speed & long strokes
    • Level IV safety light guards
    • Programmable control system (PLC)
    • Automatic ram adjustment including digital ruler
    • Mechanical rotary cam limit switch (4 array) & magnetic cam limit switch
    • Anti-vibration pads
    • Operation by means of a two-hands push-button control as well as a foot pedal
    Optional accessories
    • Inverter (speed variation)
    • Pneumatic or hydraulic die ejector or cushion
    • Lower auxiliary table
    • Strain gauge system
    • NC digital display with memories to save various working cycles

    Double Column Presses Chart

    The Profi Press mechanical presses: suitable for performing stamping, cutting and deep-drawing work.

    We produce these mechanical presses in Europe. Equipped with only high quality components and made out of S355JR steel. You can use these high-performance presses for a wide variety of applications in many different industries. Suitable for cost-effective production in the automotive, aerospace and railway industries and many other branches that use metal forming.

    CE Certificate

    This press comes with a standard 2-Year Warranty and a CE Certificate as standard.

    All Profi Presses by RHTC are customisable, integrative, and have custom tools available.
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