Bandsaw 280 GSHT • Lightly Used • 225mm Round Capacity • Single Mitre • 3-Phase • Ex-Demo at Customer

Product Code: 500712750-USED

Seize the opportunity to own a gently used Bandsaw 280 GSHT, briefly placed in a facility for 3 months before upgrading. Fully checked and functional, this machine combines precision with durability, now offered with a 3-month warranty.

The Scantool 280 GSHT Mitre Bandsaw is designed to cut metals of all types. It comes with an industry-standard blade that is and can be outfitted with a variety of blades making it a versatile saw that can address almost all applications within industry. The 280 GSHT is a single mitre band saw with a heavy-duty cast head. It comes with a blade tensioning device to assure the straight travel of the blade during cuts. It has a coolant system with ports positioned before and after the cut which optimises blade life and cut quality. This bandsaw has 2 speeds which allow the operator to choose the appropriate speed for each application. The descent of the saw head is controls with a hydraulic descent mechanism and has a bottom-side micro-switch that shuts off the saw when it reaches the end of the cut. A quick-locking vice enhances operator efficiency during the changeover of cutting materials. The 280 GSHT is CE Certified and adheres to all the latest norms and has an added safety blade-breakage feature.

View the machine being demonstrated below in the embedded video.

£1,450.00 (£1,450.00 ex VAT)

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    This Bandsaw 280 GSHT, after a short 3-month tenure in a customer’s facility, is back on the market, seeking a new workshop to call home. Inspected thoroughly and in excellent working condition, it comes with a 3-month warranty for peace of mind.

    Technical specifications

    • Machine length (mm) : 1200
    • Machine width (mm): 510
    • Motor (HP): 1.5
    • Net weight (kg): 200
    • Saw blade (mm): 2450 x 27 x 0.9
    • Saw speed (m/min): 35 to 70
    • Sawing capacity -45° (mm): —
    • Sawing capacity 0° (mm): ø225 / 200 x 200
    • Sawing capacity 45° (mm): ø140 / 140 x 140
    • Sawing capacity 60° (mm): —
    • Voltage: 400V, 50 Hz, 3-Phase


    • Metal cutting band saw
    • Swivel Head
    • Length Stop with Scale
    • Blade Tension Device
    • Blade Breakage Limit Switch
    • Manual Feed
    • Auto Feed – Manual
    • Blade tension with limit switch.
    • Quick release on vice
    • Cast Bow
    • CE Certified
    • 2-Year Warranty

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    Technical Features

    • Structural Dimensions and Mass: The bandsaw possesses a compact and efficient footprint measuring 1200mm in length and 510mm in width, with a total net weight of 200kg, designed to optimize workshop space utilization while ensuring stability during operation.
    • Power Unit Specifications: Equipped with a robust 1.5 Horsepower (HP) motor, this machinery delivers substantial power to the cutting blade, enabling consistent and efficient cutting performance across a variety of materials.
    • Cutting Blade Geometry and Speed Range: Incorporates a precision-engineered saw blade with dimensions of 2450 x 27 x 0.9mm, coupled with an adjustable speed mechanism allowing for a variable sawing velocity from 35 to 70 meters per minute, accommodating different material densities and cutting requirements.
    • Operational Capacity at Various Angles: The machine offers versatile cutting capacities including a 0° capacity of ø225mm or 200 x 200mm, and a 45° capacity of ø140mm or 140 x 140mm, facilitating precise cuts in multiple orientations without compromising on accuracy or efficiency.
    • Electrical and Power Requirements: Designed for compatibility with a 400V, 50Hz, 3-Phase power supply, ensuring seamless integration into industrial settings and providing reliable power for heavy-duty cutting tasks.
    • Swivel Head and Precision Measurement Tools: Features a swivel head mechanism for flexible cutting angles alongside a Length Stop with Scale, enabling precise measurement and cutting length control for repeatable accuracy in batch processing.
    • Blade Tension and Safety Mechanisms: Incorporates a blade tension device with a limit switch and a blade breakage limit switch, enhancing operational safety by preventing blade over-tensioning and ensuring immediate cessation of operation upon blade failure.
    • Material Handling and Vice Mechanism: Equipped with a quick-release vice, facilitating rapid loading and unloading of materials, thus optimizing workflow efficiency and reducing downtime between cuts.
    • Construction and Compliance: The bandsaw is constructed with a cast bow, offering superior durability and rigidity. It is CE Certified, adhering to stringent European safety and operational standards, and comes with a comprehensive 2-Year Warranty for new purchases, underscoring our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
    • Feed Mechanisms: Features manual feed for precise control during the initial engagement of the cut, with an optional Auto Feed setting for manual adjustment, allowing for a tailored cutting approach that accommodates specific material characteristics and desired finish quality.


    • Precise metal cutting for fabrication and repair
    • Ideal for workshops needing versatility in material sizes
    • Perfect for crafting custom automotive parts
    • Suitable for educational institutions for training purposes
    • Essential for DIY projects requiring metal cutting
    • Utilized in creating artistic metal works
    • Necessary for maintenance and repair operations
    • Supports furniture making with metal elements
    • Enables precise cutting for machinery part production
    • Valuable for prototype development in engineering projects

    Experience the efficiency of a gently used Bandsaw 280 GSHT. With a 225mm round capacity and single mitre, it’s a steal, complete with a 3-month warranty. Available for viewing and testing at our Kenilworth Honiley locations.


    Metal Band Saws or Bandsaws are a critical component of all manufacturing facilities, machine shops, workshops, maintenance shops, precision engineering facilities, and more.  Bandsaws can be used to cut a wide variety of materials such as wood and meat but only offers the best quality saws designed for industrial metal-cutting.  Some primary examples of uses of a band saw are for cutting to size structural steel, bar stock, tubes, pipes, and RSJ material, and beams and they can cut bundles and complicated profiles and shapes.  Many engineers will saw a band saw is not as accurate as a circular saw but for 98% of the applications in fabrication and manufacturing a band saw provides more than sufficient accuracy during the cutting process and the accuracy is facilitated by the top quality design and build quality offered with the band saws in bandsaws.