Deep Drawing Presses

The RHTC hydraulic deep drawing presses have large table sizes and accelerated speeds providing excellent production performance.

This hydraulic presses series comes with a main upper cylinder and a hydraulic cushion integrated into the lower bolster of the pressing machine. When carrying out a deep drawing process, the two hydraulic cylinders meet to start the metal forming operation. The implemented forming die set dictates the shape of the resulting pressing. This forming process is widely-used in many different industries, two of them being the Automotive and Medical Industries.

The large tables on these double-action presses come with DIN-650/508 T-shaped grooves enabling secure and quick fastening of toolsets. Approach speeds are 100 mm per second, and the return speed is 140 mm per second, facilitating production and short-run stamping operations. With the RHTC HDDT series, a hydraulic cushion is a standard part of the press but these deep draw presses can also be designed to suit your specific press production requirements. A common modification people often request is a longer or shorter stroke.

A digital control is standard with all deep drawing models, and they also come with a digital control panel that can set the pressing force and cylinder stroke of both cylinders. The operator initiates the pressing-cycle by sequentially presses the two-hand push buttons on the operator pendant. Safety is enhanced by the incorporated photo-cells that blanket the frontal vertical open daylight at the press’s front. Overheating is prevented with an integrated oil-cooling system.

As with any press we offer from RHTC, bespoke presses are also available. With the HDDT series, hydraulic press models are available up to 3000 tons.




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