HDDT-SERIES • Large Capacity Deep-Drawing Hydraulic Presses • Customisable to 5000 Tons and Beyond

Product Code: LCHDP-1000-5000

Discover unparalleled strength with our Large Capacity Deep-Drawing Hydraulic Presses, designed to meet the most demanding metal forming needs. Engineered for versatility, these presses are available in capacities from 1000 tons to 5000 tons and beyond, with customization options to suit any specific requirement. Whether for one-off tasks or integration into automated lines, our presses offer precision, safety, and ease of use at the heart of their operation.

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    Our Large Capacity Hydraulic Deep-Drawing Presses redefine the boundaries of metal fabrication. With capacities ranging from 1000 to 5000 tons and the ability to customize further, these presses are suited for heavy-duty tasks in both medium and high volumes. Incorporating advanced technology, such as double-action cylinders and large tables with DIN-650 T-Slot grooves, these machines are built for performance. The inclusion of a top-quality touchscreen control panel allows for precise programming of tonnage, cylinder stroke, and pressure dwell time, ensuring each task is performed with utmost accuracy. Safety is paramount, with photo-electrical sensors and two-hand push button operation, all adhering to the latest CE standards for guaranteed quality.

    Technical specifications

    • Capacity range from 1000 to 5000 tons, with further customization available
    • Double-action cylinders for efficient operation
    • Large tables equipped with DIN-650 T-Slot grooves; custom T-Slot configurations upon request
    • High-speed pressing cycles: 100 mm/s with a return speed of 140 mm/s
    • Advanced touchscreen control panel for precise programming
    • Hydraulic cushions for enhanced forming capabilities
    • Delivered in compliance with CE standards

    Features and Uses:

    • Customizable capacity and features to meet specific production requirements
    • Designed for deep-drawing tasks in medium to high volumes
    • Perfect for integration into automated production lines
    • Enhanced safety features including photo-electrical sensors
    • Air-oil cooling system within the hydraulic power pack for consistent operation
    • Easy mounting of molds and tools thanks to standard and customizable T-Slot configurations
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    Experience the pinnacle of metal forming with our customizable Large Capacity Hydraulic Presses. Tailored for your exact needs, from 1000 to 5000 tons and more, these presses bring unparalleled efficiency and precision to your production floor.