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Systems 3D Group Limited

Systems 3D Group Limited was founded in Kenilworth in 2015 by Chad M. Spaeth. Also, they are experts in 3D Digital Manufacturing Processes.

In addition, Chad has over 30 years experience in metal fabrication and manufacturing. In addition to over 15 years experience in working with metal-working and machinery of all types. Focusing on digital and CNC manufacturing processes, Systems 3D are experts in these. This involves both machinery, software, and programming the machines.

Working with the 2D processes of digitizing images the power of basic CNC machining became apparent and especially for small to mid-sized manufacturers. While working with the 2D operations, Chad started to get involved in 3D processes also. Working for a prominent worldwide machinery manufacturer and distributor Chad came across a constant need for replacement parts and spares.

The distributor offers over 500 different machines in its product line-up. Additionally, it was impossible to have every part for every tool to hand just waiting for the event when a piece would need replacing. Also, the investment would have been huge. Not only this, the cost of carrying a stock of spares would also be huge. Finally, Chad sought out alternative manufacturing methods to enhance customer service, reduce the need to hold a large variety of spares, reduced the lead times, and eliminate the need for air freighting parts around the world and is a Workshop Press affiliated company.