Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Press for Deep Drawing Processes

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Consider several vital features and specifications when selecting a press for deep drawing to ensure the machinery meets your production requirements. The Workshop Press Company, based in the UK Midlands, specializes in providing a range of presses suited for the rigorous tasks of deep drawing. This guide will delve into the essential attributes of these presses, explain their importance in metal forming processes, and highlight our bespoke services and extensive product range.

Key Features of Presses for Deep Drawing

1. Force Capacity

The force capacity or tonnage is a critical factor in choosing a press for deep drawing. It determines the press’s ability to shape the metal without causing damage. Calculating the necessary tonnage involves considering the material’s yield strength and the total area in contact with the die. Our presses typically range from 50 to 300 tons as standard options, with the capability to provide bespoke solutions up to 5000 tons. This range ensures that we can cater to a variety of industrial needs, from simple to the most demanding tasks.

2. Stroke Control

Proper stroke control is essential in deep drawing for achieving precision. The stroke – the distance the press’s slide travels – needs precise adjustment to accommodate the depth of the part being formed. Our presses feature advanced control systems that are either digital or electromechanical, allowing for meticulous management of stroke lengths to ensure flawless production runs.

3. Speed Control

Variable speed control is paramount in a press used for deep drawing. The speed at which the press operates can significantly influence the quality of the final product. A slower approach allows the metal to form more evenly, reducing the risk of imperfections. Our presses utilise cutting-edge variable frequency drives (VFDs) or servo motors to adjust speeds dynamically, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of the drawing process.

4. Die Space

Die space, or daylight, refers to the vertical and horizontal space available for dies within the press. This includes the distance between the slide (top table) and the bolster table (bottom table), as well as the front-to-back depth. Our range of C-frame, double column, and four – column presses offer generous die space, accommodating various die sizes for flexibility in manufacturing.

5. Cushion Specifications

The built-in cushion, often hydraulic or pneumatic, is rated by both tonnage and stroke length. It plays a crucial role in controlling the blank holder forces, which helps in managing the material flow during the deep drawing process. Our presses are equipped with precisely controllable cushions, ensuring the production of high-quality parts without defects.

6. Frame Design and Material Quality

The rigidity of the press frame impacts the overall precision and longevity of the machine. Our presses are constructed with monoblock welded frames using high-quality S355JR steel, known for its robust strength and durability. This choice of steel ensures that the frame can withstand the intense stresses of deep drawing operations without compromising the press’s integrity or performance.

7. Automation and Ancillary Equipment

Automation enhances the efficiency and safety of the deep drawing process. We offer ancillary equipment such as coil feeding systems, special tools, and advanced safety features including caging and perimeter photocells. We design these additions to integrate seamlessly with our presses, providing a streamlined and safe manufacturing environment.

Why Choose The Workshop Press Company?

At The Workshop Press Company, we understand the critical nature of choosing the right press for your manufacturing needs. We offer a wide variety of presses, including bespoke options, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect match for their requirements. Our team of professionals is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to providing a full-service experience – from specification and design, through installation and training.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the sale. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive support before, during, and after your purchase to ensure your complete satisfaction and the optimal performance of your press. We strategically position ourselves in the heart of the UK Midlands to serve industries throughout the region with professionalism and expertise.


Whether you require a standard press or a custom-engineered solution, The Workshop Press Company is your trusted partner in the deep drawing process.

Furthermore, our extensive range of products, combined with our expert staff and comprehensive service, makes us the logical choice for businesses aiming to enhance their production capabilities and achieve superior results.

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