Experience Our High-Quality Heavy-Duty Workshop Press (300 Ton) Delivery!

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Experience Our High-Quality Heavy-Duty Workshop Press (300 Ton) Delivery!

At RHTC, we’re thrilled to announce the successful delivery of our robust heavy-duty workshop press, boasting an impressive 300-ton capacity, complete with tailor-made accessories. This recent delivery to a valued client in Arnhem, the Netherlands, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering top-tier industrial equipment.

Our journey with our client began in the summer of 2022 when discussions about our advanced production presses commenced. During this period, we engaged closely with the client, even arranging an insightful visit to one of our industry partners who operates a customized 500-ton production press. While the client was undoubtedly impressed by the 500-ton press, our in-depth consultations led us to the conclusion that a heavy-duty workshop press with a 300-ton capacity would be a perfect fit for their specific operational requirements.

As the clock ticked towards October 2022, our communication intensified. Amidst our bustling schedule at the EuroBLECH, numerous phone calls were exchanged to finalize vital details regarding the bespoke accessories. These enhancements included precisely tailored table plates, meticulously crafted to meet their unique specifications, and a sophisticated NC-control system featuring an automatic mode. It was imperative to establish a firm delivery commitment, which we successfully secured for the second week of January. With a virtual handshake, the agreement was sealed!

Fast forward to today, and we’re delighted to report that we not only adhered to our promised delivery date but also exceeded expectations by delivering the 300-ton workshop press, complete with customized accessories, precisely as envisioned. This signifies the commencement of an exciting phase for our customer’s R&D department, as they embark on their mission to optimize electricity storage costs. We extend our best wishes for productive research and innovation with this heavy-duty workshop press (300 ton).


Heavy–Duty Workshop Press • 300 Ton •

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