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RHTC Delivers Customised 300-Ton Workshop Press

We recently delivered a powerful 300-ton heavy duty workshop press with custom accessories to a client in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This delivery highlights our dedication to providing top-quality industrial solutions, tailored to meet the exact demands of our clients.

Client Collaboration: Finding the Right Fit

Our journey with this client began in June 2022. We discussed their production press needs, exploring options and potential solutions. A visit to another company using a similar 500-ton model provided valuable insight. After careful consultation, we determined a 300-ton workshop press was the ideal solution, offering the power they needed while optimising their workspace.

Customisation and Commitment

In October 2022, we worked closely with the client to finalise the customised accessories. These included specialised table plates, meticulously designed to their specifications, and a sophisticated NC-control system with automatic mode for enhanced efficiency. Even during the busy EuroBLECH exhibition, we maintained clear communication, ensuring the agreed-upon January delivery date remained on track.

How do we exceed expectations with our heavy duty workshop press?

The 300-ton press arrived on schedule, complete with all custom features. Our client’s R&D team can now pursue their goal of reducing electricity storage costs with this powerful new tool. Their mission aligns with our commitment to supporting technological advancements We look forward to hearing about their innovative breakthroughs and are proud to play a role in their success.


Heavy–Duty Workshop Press • 300 Ton •

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