Common Hydraulic C-frame Press Applications

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Summary. Discover versatile hydraulic C-frame applications with our top-quality metal press machines. At The Workshop Press Company, we partner with Europe’s best manufacturers, tailoring machines for precision needs across industries.


C-Frame Presses are extremely versatile machines, and along with that there are many different hydraulic C-frame press applications. Here at The Workshop Press Company, we only work with leading European C-frame hydraulic press manufacturers. We proudly stock a range of metal press machines and each press that we offer can be modified with features to suit your specific application. Moreover, we work closely with our customers to determine the right machine for their application.

Various industries use press working, and the demand for pressed parts grows every year. As more sectors reap the benefits of this metal manufacturing process, pressed parts are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, press machines themselves are becoming more advanced to cope with the rising demand for precision machining.

What is a C-frame Press?

Deriving its name from the clear ‘C’ shape framework, C-frame presses are one of the most common types of hydraulic press machine. They are also often referred to as a gap-frame presses, and have a small footprint. Therefore, it takes up the minimal amount of precious factory floor space. C-frame press machines offer 3-sided access to the working area. This allows for easy loading and unloading of parts and also makes die maintenance easy to action too.

How does it work?

Hydraulic C-Frame Presses are often used for stamping applications forming parts from a variety of sheet metals such as copper, titanium, stainless steel, or aluminium. The press tool, or die, is used to shape components from the sheet metal. The primary hydraulic piston ram descends upon the die and pushes the components of the die together with force forming the sheet metal, thus creating the required component shape.

Industrial Applications

C-Frame or Gap-Frame presses are used for many different industrial applications, and some examples are below.


In the automotive sector, gap frame presses are pivotal in forming metal parts. Some common parts formed with a c-frame press in the automotive industry include engine mounts and seat frames. The press machines are also used for assembly as well as to stake components together.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing relies on heavy duty machinery to be able to manufacture intricate parts and assemblies. They often use C-frame presses to make items like spring clips and forklift parts. Some key processes they offer to the sector include trimming, assembling, and bending operations.

Electronics Industry

The electronics sector often demands small and intricate parts. C-frame press machines are the perfect machine to help manufacture these components due to the high levels of accuracy they can achieve. Manufacturers commonly use these presses to produce components like electronic connectors and various computer parts.

The Workshop Press Company’s staff have experience with metal press machines and rank as a top UK supplier, serving customers and businesses throughout the country. Our team possesses extensive expertise in all types of metal working machinery. As a result, we can offer the highest level of expertise and advice when it comes to helping you choose the right machine. With plenty of press machines to choose from, we’re confident that you will find what you need with us.

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