The Advantages of Industrial Belt Grinders for Knife Making

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Summary. Workshop Press, a top UK supplier, offers high-quality belt grinding machines for metalwork. Industrial metal grinders, especially belt grinders, effectively shape, deburr, and finish metals. They are essential for efficient knife making.


Workshop Press is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of metalworking machinery. Including belt grinding machines, we provide companies with high quality high quality reliable metal fabrication equipment.

With decades of experience under our belts, we have earned ourselves an unbeatable reputation. We strive to be able to accommodate a wide range of requirements which is why we have machines of various sizes, capacities and capabilities.

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What is an industrial belt grinder?

Whilst there are a number of options available when considering industrial metal grinders, belt grinding machines are one of the most common types. Belt grinders contour metals using a fast-moving coarse belt. Belt grinding machines are used to smooth the surfaces of metal parts as well as remove material and deburr metals.


Belt grinding machines can remove metal burrs that sometimes form on the surface of a component. They can also be used for rounding off the material and edge breaking.

Surface Finishing

Grinders can be used for sanding, smoothing, and roughing the metal surface of a part.

Removing Material

Belt grinders also remove material, sometimes using a sanding method. Designers specially design these machines to remove material with each belt pass. Furthermore, people commonly use them in the knife-making process to shape the metal blade.

Belt Grinder vs. Belt Sander

There is sometimes some confusion regarding the difference between belt grinders and belt sanders. Although both machines work in a similar manner in terms of having a fast-moving belt, there are significant differences.

Belt Sanders

  • Primarily used for sanding wood or metal
  • Uses sandpaper to smooth surfaces
  • Has a slower motor

Belt Grinders

  • Used for fine grinding, deburring and polishing
  • Tend to have faster belt speeds which is a necessity when working with metals
  • Uses abrasive metallics to sharpen surfaces

Industrial metal grinders are commonly used for grinding and shaping metal parts. They can be relied on for a variety of applications but one of their most common applications is in knife making.

Using Belt Grinders For Knife Making

Although some knife makers might choose to make their knives entirely by hand, doing so is unlikely to achieve the same surface finish as what a belt grinder would achieve. Some key benefits of using belt grinders for knife making include:

Saving Time

It is also a much more time consuming task to sharpen and finish the surface by hand. Belt grinders allow you to reduce the time of your grinding and surface smoothing and can help you achieve a uniform finish.

Wider Choice of Metals

Due to their powerful electric motor, belt grinders can work on even the poorest of metal finishes and restore them back to a good condition. This is ideal for hobbyists or start ups that aren’t using pre-finished metals in their projects yet. Using the force of the motor, the coarse-grained abrasive can tackle even the toughest of paint layers of thick layers of rust.

High Productivity

Industrial metal grinders work fast and therefore you can finish knife making jobs much faster than you would without the machine. Energy consumption is low with these machines, therefore reducing the need to take breaks in order for the machine to cool down.

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