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The Workshop Press Company supplies metalworking machinery for industrial and commercial applications all over the country. If you are looking for a mandrel tube bender for sale, but are unsure whether it is the best piece of equipment for you, this article offers the basics. With plenty of experience under our belts, we have a great understanding of metal fabrication equipment and can offer plenty of advice when it comes to your requirements.

Mandrel Tube Benders: What are They?

So what is a mandrel tube bender? Essentially a mandrel is a tool which is used when bending pipes and tubes. Its role in the tube bending process is to maintain the shape of the tube as it sets. By inserting the steel rod into the tubing whilst it is bent, a perfect bend can be created for the tube without wrinkles. There is often an ovality found in thin-walled tubing once twisted. In addition, a mandrel bender can mitigate this alongside removing any folds occurring in the inner bend’s radius.

Why Do We Use a Mandrel Tube Bender?

One of the main reasons to use this type of tubing equipment is for support when bending a pipe. Essentially the mandrel tool itself offers support throughout the entirety of the bend radius. It holds the pipe against the bend die and ensures that the bend remains tight and in place. Mandrels help to prevent “spring back” which is an issue that commonly occurs when bending metal. “Spring back” is the term used to describe when the metal returns to its original shape. Mandrels are one of the most effective ways to prevent this from occurring.

How is it Done?

Mandrel bent tubing is usually performed by a CNC mandrel tube bender machine. These are the ideal choice if you are looking to bend thin tubes on a tight radius with no deformities. With CNC tube benders like those at Workshop Press, you can achieve the highest levels of accuracy and precision in the industry.

When to Use a Mandrel Tube Bender

You should use a mandrel tube bender if you are looking to manufacture wrinkle-free tubing. Hydraulic mandrel tube bending machines are often used to support the shaping of tubes which will be used to move high pressure gases, chemicals, and liquids around. For industries such as the medical sector, the demand for bends with radiuses as tight as the tube’s diameter itself is growing. Our mandrel tube bending machines can support these demands.


The ability to accurately bend pipes and tubes is important for several industries. This includes the automotive, aircraft, aviation and shipbuilding sectors. The aviation and aerospace industries are two industries in particular that rely heavily on accurate and quality bending of tubing. Precision is pivotal in tube bending for these sectors and mandrel tube benders can allow for this level of accuracy,

Going the Extra Mile

We take pride in offering a service that is more than just a transaction. Using our knowledge and experience, we can support our customers in finding equipment that aligns with their exact requirements. From garages through to large manufacturing sites, our reliable machinery can accommodate a wealth of applications.

If you are looking for a hydraulic mandrel tube bender for sale or would like to find out more about our metal working machinery then head to our website today. Alternatively, call +44 (0)800 999 1090 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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