Double Column Mechanical Presses

If you want to carry out processes like stamping, cutting and deep-drawing work the Profi Press Mechanical Presses are the practical choice. RHTC high-performance presses are perfect for applications within many different industries and enable manufacturers to produce stamped components cost-effectively. Industries using such presses are the automotive, aerospace and railway industries in addition to many others.
RHTC produces these Mechanical Presses in Europe according to the most current machinery directives, and they are built only with high-quality components and S355JR steel.

The RHTC Double Column Mechanical Press series includes the PPMVS and PPMFS models. The PPMVS-models are built with one connecting rod and 6-guided rams alongside a programmable control system and tonnages from 100 to 400 tons. The PPMFS-models are manufactured with two connecting rods and 6-guided rams and a programmable control system. The available capacities are from 300 to 630 tons.

The sliding guide system offers maximum rigidity and holds the work surfaces’ deformation to a minimum value. Withing the press there is a highly advanced system of eccentric gears with an opposite rotation system. This gear system produces a double reduction in speed and long strokes. Central motorized lubrication ensures consistent system lubrication, and a central overload protection system is integrated. An electro-pneumatic clutch-brake combination adds to the overall safety of the press.

These high-quality presses conform to all the latest CE Machinery Directives, and they come delivered with a two-year warranty.




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