High-Capacity Hydraulic Press with Extended Piston Stroke (220 Ton Capacity)

Product Code: 220-Ton-Long-Bespoke

Discover our tailor-made hydraulic press, boasting a robust four-stanchion structure and a high-capacity 220-ton force. Engineered for precision and stability, this press features a large piston stroke, adjustable to cater to various industrial applications.

Our bespoke 220-ton hydraulic press is designed with a steadfast four-stanchion build and a fixed bed, enhancing the press's stability for operations requiring large piston strokes. It includes an innovative adjustable piston hold-time feature, ensuring versatile performance across a wide range of tasks.

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    This hydraulic press is meticulously engineered with a sophisticated control system, offering unparalleled precision in operation and adjustment capabilities. Its high-grade hydraulic components ensure reliable performance under demanding conditions, highlighting its suitability for high-strength material processing. The press’s design emphasizes safety and efficiency, integrating features that streamline production workflows and reduce operational downtime. Advanced customization options allow for the press to be tailored to specific industry requirements, making it a versatile tool in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. Its robust construction and innovative design underscore its position as a critical asset for precision engineering tasks.

    Technical specifications for the Hydraulic Press with Long Piston Stroke

    • Pressure force [tons]: 220
    • Maximum pressure [bar]: 320
    • Piston stroke [mm]: 1280
    • Vertical Daylight [mm]: 1945
    • Table Height [mm]: 750
    • Pressure Force Hydraulic Cushion [tons]: 50
    • Piston stroke Hydraulic Cushion [mm]: 700
    • Weight [kg]: 2500


    • Structure with four stanchions and fixed bed
    • Double effect main cylinder with removable hold-down
    • Large piston stroke (1200 mm) limited by cams
    • Adjustable hold-time at the bottom of the dead centre
    • Operation by foot pedal as well as by hand push buttons
    • Hydraulic ejector in the lower table
    • 4 adapters for the piston head with pressure plates

    Technical Features:

      • Four-stanchion structure with fixed bed
      • 220-ton pressure force main cylinder
      • 320 bar maximum pressure
      • 1200 mm piston stroke main cylinder
      • Ejector with 700 mm upwards stroke and 50-ton power
      • Cams-limited cylinder stroke
      • Adjustable piston hold-time at bottom dead centre
      • Includes several pressure plates with various diameters
      • Operation via foot pedal and hand push buttons
      • European-made with high-quality components

    Product Uses:

      • Manufacturing and assembly
      • Metal forming
      • Automotive component production
      • Aerospace parts fabrication
      • Heavy machinery maintenance
      • Custom part pressing
      • Research and development testing
      • Prototyping
      • Material compaction
      • Complex shaping operations

    Displayed is a custom-made 220-ton hydraulic press that is made with four stanchions and a fixed bed ensuring stability whilst offering an extra-long piston stroke.

    The cylinder stroke stabilised with cams and the holding time delay at the bottom of the stroke is adjustable up to 30 seconds. The main cylinder also has an additional extension that lengthens the piston stroke even further.

    In addition, this bespoke hydraulic press is outfitted with an ejector that has an upwards stroke of 700 mm, and 50 tons of force and 200 mm diameter and it also has cams that controls its stroke.

    Engineered in Europe, our custom 220-ton hydraulic press is an epitome of precision and adaptability, featuring a large piston stroke and an adjustable holding time for the piston, making it ideal for complex pressing tasks.

    This press was delivered with a couple of varying diameters as well.

    This bespoke press is manufactured exclusively in the EU and according to the most recent CE Directives.


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