Bandsaw Blade – Bi-Metal – 2085 X 20 X 1 MM

Product Code: BMB-2085-20-09

Precision-engineered Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade, designed for versatility and efficiency in cutting steels up to 45 HRC. With a dimension of 2085 x 20 x 1 mm, it provides a cobalt-rich high-speed steel edge and variable tooth pitch for superior cutting performance.

Compatible with band saw machines BS-220-GSHE and BS-220-GSHT.

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    • Technical Features

      • Dimensions: 2085 x 20 x 1 mm, precisely crafted for optimal cutting
      • Cobalt-rich high-speed steel edge for increased longevity
      • Variable tooth pitches are available designed for versatile cutting applications
      • Compatible with band saw machines BS-220-GSHE and BS-220-GSHT
      • Manufactured for general purpose cutting tasks
      • Reduced heat buildup for extended blade life
      • Capable of high wear resistance, suitable for hard materials
      • Engineered for reduced pinching in profiles and tubes
      • Unique set pattern and rake angles for optimized cutting


    • General purpose cutting in machine shops and metalworking facilities
    • Cutting through metals in a wide variety of hardness
    • Suitable for use in profiles and beam cutting operations
    • Ideal for aluminum and non-ferrous metal cutting
    • Heavy-duty applications in solids and heavy gauge materials
    • Versatile cutting across various material types
    • Precision cutting for manufacturing intricate parts
    • Use in fabrication for tubes and profile applications
    • Automotive and aerospace parts manufacturing
    • Construction and structural steel cutting tasks

    This 2085 x 20 x 1 Mm Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade features a high-speed steel edge enriched with cobalt for enhanced durability and performance in general purpose cutting, including tough steels.