Bandsaw Blade – Bi-Metal – 2450 X 27 X 1 MM

Product Code: BMB-2450-27-1

Crafted for superior performance, this precision-engineered band saw blade measures 2450 x 27 x 1 mm, ideal for intricate cutting tasks in industrial settings. Its dimensions ensure compatibility with specific band saw models, enhancing the efficiency of your operations.

Compatible with band saw machines BS-280-GSHE and BS-280-GSHT.

    • Description
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    This band saw blade is designed for precision and durability and rigidity. At 2450 x 27 x 1mm, it’s tailored for heavy-duty use in the manufacturing industry, promising a clean cut and long-lasting service.


    • Technical Features

      • Exact dimensions: 2450mm length, 27mm width, 0.9mm height
      • High-carbon steel construction for extended blade life
      • Precision-ground teeth for superior cutting performance
      • Variable pitch teeth for reduced noise and improved chip removal
      • Heat-resistant design to prevent warping during intense use
      • Compatible with BS-280-GSHE and BS-280-GSHT band saw models
      • Reduced blade friction for smoother operation
      • Enhanced back edge for straighter cuts and less material waste
      • Flex-back design to resist blade fatigue
      • Pre-tempered for immediate use and consistent cutting quality


    • Cutting through metals, including steel, aluminum, and copper
    • Slicing through hard plastics and composites
    • Sawing tube sections round and square for furniture manufacturing
    • Cutting complex shapes and patterns in manufacturing processes
    • Precision trimming in metal fabrication
    • Producing accurate cuts for automotive parts manufacturing
    • Accurate bundle cutting
    • Crafting components in aerospace part production
    • Performing intricate cuts in industrial art installations
    • Maintenance and repair operations in industrial facilities

    Optimize your band saw’s performance with this precision blade, sized 2450 x 27 x 1 mm. Engineered for industrial-grade machines, it delivers reliability and precision.