Bandsaw Blade – Bi-Metal – 2750 X 27 X 1 MM

Product Code: BMB-2750-27-1

This robust 2750 x 27 x 0.9mm band saw blade is engineered to meet the demands of BS-320-GSHE and BS-320-GSHT machines, delivering exceptional performance and precision in industrial settings.

    • Description
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    Optimized for the BS-320 series band saws, this blade’s 2750 x 27 x 0.9mm dimensions ensure a perfect fit for high-precision cutting, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime.


    • Technical Features

      • Sized at 2750mm in length for extended reach in cutting
      • 27mm width designed for versatile cutting applications
      • 0.9mm thickness provides a balance of flexibility and strength
      • Crafted from industrial-grade, high-carbon steel
      • Precision-ground teeth for outstanding cutting accuracy
      • Variable tooth geometry reduces vibration and noise
      • Heat-resistant to maintain integrity under high temperatures
      • Compatible with both BS-320-GSHE and BS-320-GSHT models
      • Designed for straight cuts with minimal deflection
      • Ready to use with no additional blade preparation required


    • Ideal for cutting through various metals, including stainless steel
    • Suitable for precision cutting in metalworking industries
    • Efficient in cutting pipes, tubes, and profiles
    • Perfect for woodworking, including hardwood and softwood
    • Useful in furniture design for detailed cutting requirements
    • Applicable for architectural metalwork and detailed fabrication
    • Beneficial for the production of large automotive components
    • Essential for maintenance and repair in industrial plants
    • Capable of executing fine cuts in artistic metalworking projects
    • Indispensable for custom fabrication tasks requiring precision

    Elevate your BS-320-GSHE/GSHT band saw’s capabilities with our industrial-grade 2750x27x0.9mm blade, designed for exact cuts and lasting durability.