Bandsaw Blade – Bi-Metal – 3360 X 27 X 1 MM

Product Code: BMB-3360-27-1

This high-performance 3660 x 27 x 1 mm band saw blade is specifically crafted to complement the BS-320E model, providing precision and durability for industrial-grade cutting tasks.

    • Description
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    Engineered for excellence, our 3660 x 27 x 1 mm band saw blade offers a seamless fit for the BS-320E machine. Its robust construction ensures consistent, quality cuts in demanding industrial applications.


    • Technical Features

      • Extended length of 3660mm for comprehensive cutting coverage
      • 27mm width, ideal for cutting stability and precision
      • Slim 0.9mm thickness for intricate and accurate cuts
      • Fabricated from superior high-carbon steel for prolonged use
      • Ground teeth precision for unmatched cutting sharpness
      • Variable tooth configuration to reduce harmonic vibration
      • Heat treated to withstand high operational temperatures
      • Compatible exclusively with BS-320E band saws
      • Straight-cutting design to minimize material wastage
      • Quick-install design for easy setup and maintenance


    • Perfect for cutting large metal sheets and pipes
    • Suitable for intricate woodworking and joinery
    • Essential for metal fabrication and structural work
    • Key for manufacturing components in the automotive industry
    • Critical for precision cutting in aerospace part production
    • Utilized for maintenance cutting in power plants
    • Ideal for crafting precise cuts in industrial fabrication
    • Used for cutting exotic materials in custom manufacturing
    • Integral for cutting in the production of large-scale sculptures
    • Necessary for precision cutting in shipbuilding and repairs

    Maximize your BS-420-GSHT saw’s efficiency with our 3320 x 27 x 0.9mm blade, crafted for precision and longevity in high-volume cutting applications.