SC 200 EB Professional Double-Ended Bench Grinders • 50mm Belt • 200mm Grinding Wheel • 230V • 1-Phase

Product Code: 254711025

The SC 200EB Benchtop Grinder is a highly efficient and versatile grinding machine designed for various metalworking applications. With a robust 650W motor and a balanced NK coarse grinding wheel, this grinder ensures smooth and precise operation. The inclusion of an adjustable belt arm enhances its functionality, making it ideal for detailed grinding tasks. Safety is a top priority, with features such as large adjustable eye shields, adjustable tool rests, and spark arresters. This bench model grinder can also be supplied with a pedestal and a built-in, heavy-duty exhaust system for added convenience and performance.

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    The SC 200EB Benchtop Grinder is engineered for professional and industrial use, offering reliable performance and durability. It operates at 3000 RPM, powered by a 650W motor running on 1x230V-50 Hz, making it suitable for a wide range of grinding tasks. The grinder comes with NK coarse grinding wheels that are balanced for optimal performance. The adjustable belt arm adds versatility, allowing for precise grinding on different materials. Safety features include large adjustable eye shields, adjustable tool rests, and spark arresters, ensuring secure operation. This bench model grinder can also be equipped with a pedestal and a built-in heavy-duty exhaust system for enhanced functionality.

    Technical Specifications:

    • RPM: 3000
    • Voltage: 1x230V-50 Hz
    • Motor Power: 650W
    • Grinding Wheel Size: 200x25x32 mm
    • Grinder Belt Size: 50×800 mm
    • Includes Belt Arm: Yes
    • Number of Spindle Speeds: 1
    • Bench Model: Yes
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 440 x 250 x 320 mm
    • Net Weight: 21 kg

    Features and Uses:

    • Balanced grinding wheels for smooth operation
    • Heavy-duty motor for reliable performance
    • Large adjustable eye shields for safety
    • Adjustable tool rest for precise grinding
    • Adjustable spark arrester to prevent sparks
    • Optional pedestal with built-in heavy exhaust system

    Industries Using the Machine and Their Uses:

    • Metal Fabrication: Accurate grinding of metal parts and components
    • Manufacturing: Sharpening tools and machinery parts
    • Automotive: Grinding and finishing of automotive components
    • Aerospace: Precision shaping and finishing of aerospace parts
    • Maintenance: General maintenance and repair of metal equipment
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    The SC 200EB Benchtop Grinder, featuring a 650W motor, balanced wheels, and an adjustable belt arm, delivers precise and safe grinding for various applications.