Custom Workshop Press with Foot Pedal, Stroke Control, and DRO for Stroke Depth

Product Code: Custom Workshop Press-1

Experience unparalleled precision and control with our Motorized Workshop Press, featuring advanced foot pedal operation and depth control via a micro-switch system. The digital readout for stroke depth ensures accuracy for every task. Engineered for adaptability, these options can be integrated into any workshop press we offer.

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    This Motorized Workshop Press is designed to cater to the demanding precision of engineering environments. It boasts foot pedal controls for hands-free operation, allowing full control over press cycles. The depth control system, governed by a reliable micro-switch, ensures repeatable accuracy, while the digital readout provides instant feedback on stroke depth. Customizable to fit any model in our range, it elevates your workshop’s capabilities.

    Additional Information:

    • Voltage: Configurable
    • Motor Power: Model-specific
    • Stroke Length: Model-specific
    • Control System: Foot pedal with micro-switch depth control
    • Readout: Digital display for stroke depth
    • Customization: Available for all workshop press models

    Technical Features:

    • Ergonomic foot pedal control for precise press cycle management.
    • Advanced depth control with a micro-switch system for consistent results.

    Our Motorized Workshop Press is the epitome of innovation, combining foot pedal control with a depth stop system and digital stroke depth readout, tailored for the meticulous engineer.