DHP-Series Pallet Horizontal Decoiler

Product Code: DHP-Series

The DHP-Series Pallet Horizontal Decoiler is designed to enhance the efficiency of your operations, offering a compact feed line for unwinding, straightening, and feeding in a single unit. They are built with a steel structure, welded and stabilized, with a stable base, without fixings and transportable. The machine rests on the ground on four individually height-adjustable support points to ensure correct seating. Speed control is carried out by means of an electronic speed variator with automatic speed regulation depending on the type of material. Optional accessories on request include special guides for delicate strips, special protections, increased turning speed, other diameters, etc. These machines are not just pieces of equipment, but comprehensive solutions for metal coil feeding, offering a perfect blend of coil feeding technology and automation, designed to meet the demands of modern industrial operations..

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    DHP- 1200/2000: Ideal for operations demanding a maximum load capacity of 2000 kg, this model accommodates a width up to 150 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm, ensuring seamless handling of varied coil sizes. Its compact design, featuring a base diameter of 1250 mm, allows for efficient use of workspace.

    DHP- 1400/3000: Scaling up in capacity, this variant supports loads up to 3000 kg with the same precision in handling material widths and thicknesses as its counterpart. Its increased base diameter of 1450 mm offers enhanced stability for heavier coils.

    DHP- 1600/5000: At the pinnacle of this series, the DHP- 1600/5000 model is engineered for the most demanding tasks, boasting a load capacity of 5000 kg and a maximum material width of 230 mm. It combines robustness with finesse, making it ideal for high-volume, high-precision environments.

    MODEL DHP- 1200/2000 DHP- 1400/3000 DHP- 1600/5000
    Maximum Load (kg): 2000 3000 5000
    Maximum Width (mm): 150 150 230
    Maximum thickness (mm): 1.5 1.5 1.5
    Maximum height of the load (mm): 700 700 700
    Base diameter (mm): 1250 1450 1650
    Speed (r.p.m.): 2 to 10 2 to 10 2 to 10

    In the realm of modern manufacturing and metalworking, the DHP Pallet Decoiler series stands out as a paradigm of engineering excellence, merging robust performance with unparalleled precision. The series includes three models: DHP- 1200/2000, DHP- 1400/3000, and DHP- 1600/5000, each designed to cater to diverse industrial needs.

    All models in the DHP series operate within a speed range of 2 to 10 r.p.m., offering manufacturing engineers the flexibility to optimize production speed according to material specifications and project requirements. With a maximum height of the load maintained at 700 mm across the series, these decoilers are designed for ergonomic operation and ease of access.

    The DHP Pallet Decoiler series, with its advanced engineering, is a testament to high-quality manufacturing. Whether it’s for automotive, construction, or heavy engineering sectors, these machines promise to enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and provide a seamless coil feeding experience. Their robust build quality and advanced design parameters make them a valuable asset in any manufacturing setup, particularly for professionals seeking reliable, long-term metalworking solutions.

    Coil Feeding System Inquiry Guidelines for Customers

    To ensure we provide the most effective and efficient coil feeding system for your needs, we kindly ask you to provide detailed information about your requirements. The guide below is designed to help you identify and communicate the specific details of your project. This information will enable us to tailor our solutions precisely to your needs, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

    General Requirements:

    • Space Dimensions: Specify the area available (length x width x height).
    • Working Direction: Indicate preferred operational direction.
    • Feeding Height: State the required height for material feeding.
    • Voltage Requirements: Mention electrical specifications needed.

    Material Details:

    • Type of Material: Describe the material (steel, aluminum, etc.).
    • Thickness Range: Provide the range of material thickness.
    • Width Range: Indicate the width range of the material.
    • Yield Strength: Specify the material’s yield strength.

    Equipment Specifications:

    • Decoiler Details: Include maximum coil weight and inner/outer diameter.
    • Cart Options: Mention if a cart is required for coil handling.

    Straightener and Feeder Specifications:

    • Straightener Thickness Range: State the thickness range the straightener can handle.
    • Feeder Speed: Indicate the required feeding speed.
    • Advance Distance: Mention the advance distance per stroke.

    Production Line Configuration:

    • Configuration Type: Choose from options like compact, short, or long line.
    • Part Description/Drawing: Provide a detailed description or a drawing of the production part.

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    Lara serves a diverse range of industries using metal forming applications, including automotive, aerospace, and construction. Lara’s strong presence in the European and Global Metal Stamping market is a testament to their quality and reliability.

    Why does The Workshop Press Company choose to sell LARA metal coil feeding systems? It is because Lara Spain has a proven record of combining expertise, quality, and service while delivering the best solutions for our customers’ metal forming requirements. Their team comprises of seasoned engineers that understand the unique challenges of the metal forming industry and they dedicated to providing the most effective solutions.

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    The Workshop Press Company offers coil feeding systems from Lara Spain because they are reliable, high-quality metal forming machinery. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.