EMAE Series Straightener Feeder from Lara

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EMAE-45 and EMAE-46 Kompact Series: Precision Meets Versatility

Discover the EMAE-45 and EMAE-46 Kompact Series, engineered for the discerning manufacturing engineer. These coil feeder straighteners epitomize precision with widths of 200, 300, and 450 mm and a consistent thickness capacity of 2.5 mm, ensuring adaptability in metal processing. Key features include Ø 45 mm rollers, 7 straightening rollers, and an advance accuracy of ±0.1 mm, integrated with a speed of 45 m/min in continuous mode for high-efficiency cycles.

The EMAE-46 series stands out with its 750 mm² max feeding section, compared to the EMAE-45's 600 mm², accommodating larger materials effortlessly. Both series are designed with ergonomic considerations and ease of use in mind, featuring intuitive controls and adjustable height settings (±50 mm).

Notably, all straightener feeders from our EMAE Kompact Series can be seamlessly integrated with any production press system we offer. This integration capability ensures a streamlined workflow in diverse manufacturing environments, enhancing both precision and efficiency in metal fabrication.

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    Machine Frame

    • Mechanized steel frame
    • Mounted on a press-fixing bracket
    • Hydraulic-manual height adjustment

    Feeding and Straightening Head

    • Two traction rollers
    • 7 straightening rollers
    • Manual adjustment of the upper rollers
    • Reading of the straightening penetration
    • Adjustable side guides at the entrance
    • Support rollers at the entrance
    • Adjustable pneumatic system
    • Adjustable feeding height +/- 50 mm
    • Support roller track
    • Adjustable side guides at the entrance


    • Maintenance-free AC servomotor
    • Built-in resolver for precise strip positioning
    • Transmission of the driving force – reducer & treated gears
    • Motion-Drive digital servo-controller

    Control Unit

    • Contains all the auxiliary electrical equipment
    • A control consisting of a connection cabinet
    • Programming terminal with a color LCD touchscreen
    • External encoder
    • Main switch
    • Programmable feed length up to 9999 mm
    • Programmable speed in %
    • Operational parameters
    • Diagnosis and display error’s messages
    • Emergency stop

    EMAE 45/200: Compact yet powerful, this model offers a maximum material width capacity of 200 mm and a thickness of up to 2.5 mm. It’s an ideal choice for operations that require high precision in smaller-scale production, ensuring consistent flatness and material integrity with its advanced straightening capabilities.

    EMAE 45/300: Scaling up, the EMAE 45/300 caters to medium-width materials, accommodating widths up to 300 mm without compromising on thickness. Its robust construction and precision-engineered rollers ensure that even at increased sizes, the material handling is both accurate and reliable.

    EMAE 45/450: At the top of the range, the EMAE 45/450 is capable of handling materials up to 450 mm in width. Designed for larger operations, this model maintains the series’ signature accuracy, even when dealing with wider materials, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

    EMAE-45/46 Kompact Series Capacity Chart
    (All measures in mm)
    Model Max Width Max Thick. Max Feed Sec. Ø Rollers No. Str. Rollers Adv. Acc. Speed Cont. Height Adj.
    EMAE 45/200 200 2.5 200 x 2.5 45 7 ± 0.1 45 ± 50
    EMAE 45/300 300 2.5 300 x 2 45 7 ± 0.1 45 ± 50
    EMAE 45/450 450 2.5 450 x 1.4 45 7 ± 0.1 45 ± 50

    Note: The EMAE-46 series is similar to the EMAE-45 series, with the key difference being the max feeding section (600 mm² for EMAE-45 and 750 mm² for EMAE-46).

    Engineered for precision and performance, the EMAE 45 and EMAE 46 Compact series presents a trio of advanced straightening solutions, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern manufacturing. Each model in the series – the EMAE 45/200, EMAE 45/300, and EMAE 45/450 – is crafted to deliver unparalleled accuracy in metal straightening applications.

    All models in the EMAE 45/46 Compact series boast a consistent feed speed of 45 m/min and feature a precise advance accuracy of ±0.1 mm, affirming their status as leaders in feed precision. The height adjustment feature of ±50 mm allows for quick adaptation to different material sizes, further enhancing operational flexibility.

    The series is equipped with seven straightening rollers, each 45 mm in diameter, meticulously designed to eliminate material stress and promote a high-quality finish. This attention to detail ensures that each EMAE 45 Compact straightener consistently delivers optimal performance, essential for the exacting standards of today’s manufacturing engineers.

    Whether you’re working in automotive, aerospace, electronics, or metal fabrication, the EMAE 45/46 Compact series is built to elevate your production line with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Embrace the future of material straightening with a solution that’s engineered to perform.

    Coil Feeding System Inquiry Guidelines for Customers

    To ensure we provide the most effective and efficient coil feeding system for your needs, we kindly ask you to provide detailed information about your requirements. The guide below is designed to help you identify and communicate the specific details of your project. This information will enable us to tailor our solutions precisely to your needs, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

    General Requirements:

    • Space Dimensions: Specify the area available (length x width x height).
    • Working Direction: Indicate preferred operational direction.
    • Feeding Height: State the required height for material feeding.
    • Voltage Requirements: Mention electrical specifications needed.

    Material Details:

    • Type of Material: Describe the material (steel, aluminum, etc.).
    • Thickness Range: Provide the range of material thickness.
    • Width Range: Indicate the width range of the material.
    • Yield Strength: Specify the material’s yield strength.

    Equipment Specifications:

    • Decoiler Details: Include maximum coil weight and inner/outer diameter.
    • Cart Options: Mention if a cart is required for coil handling.

    Straightener and Feeder Specifications:

    • Straightener Thickness Range: State the thickness range the straightener can handle.
    • Feeder Speed: Indicate the required feeding speed.
    • Advance Distance: Mention the advance distance per stroke.

    Production Line Configuration:

    • Configuration Type: Choose from options like compact, short, or long line.
    • Part Description/Drawing: Provide a detailed description or a drawing of the production part.

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