Pedestal Stand with Dust Extractor Ports – Double-Ended Bench Grinders

Product Code: 0202999

Transform your dust-filled grinding experience with the Workshop Press Dust Extractor Pedestal (#0202999). This heavy-duty stand is specifically designed for double-ended bench grinders, offering seamless integration with built-in dust extraction ports for both "E" and "T" models. Enjoy cleaner, healthier, and more efficient grinding by capturing dust particles directly at the source.

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    Product Description:

    • Compatibility: Designed for double-ended bench grinders with built-in dust extraction ports for “E” and “T” models.
    • Integrated Dust Extraction: Features dedicated ports for connecting dust extraction units, capturing dust directly at the source.
    • Sturdy Construction: Built with high-quality materials for stability and durability under heavy use.
    • Floor Mounting: Provides secure attachment to the floor for added stability and safety.
    • Improved Air Quality: Creates a cleaner and healthier work environment by minimizing dust exposure.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Material:
    • Height:
    • Width:
    • Depth:
    • Weight:
    • Compatible Grinder Types: Double-ended bench grinders with built-in “E” and “T” model dust extraction ports


    • Integrates seamlessly with “E” and “T” model dust extraction systems
    • Captures dust at the source for cleaner and healthier grinding
    • Sturdy construction for stability and durability
    • Floor mounting for enhanced security and safety
    • Improves air quality and reduces dust exposure

    Breathe easy while you grind! The Workshop Press Dust Extractor Pedestal (#0202999) eliminates dust hazards for your double-ended bench grinder with built-in extraction ports. Order yours for cleaner and healthier grinding.