HB-28 Horizontal Press Brake Touchscreen Controller & Auto Side Gauge

Product Code: HB10011-HB-28-NC-1

The horizontal bending and straightening press from Profi Press can be used for many different metalworking jobs. The HB 28 horizontal press has a capacity of 28 ton and can be equipped with all kinds of tooling for specific bending or straightening jobs.

This horizontal press comes fitted with a pressure-flow adjustment valve that allows you to accurately regulate the hydraulic pressure which determines the pressing force and speed of the press. An integrated manometer displays the hydraulic system pressure. The HB-28 straightening press comes with two modes, manual and automatic.

Thanks to the NC-control controls and displays and easily sets the cylinder stroke and can save up to 99 programs.This

This horizontal press is outfitted with an ABG-700 side gauge or "bumper" enabling positioning of bends with movement in one axis. The carriage module moves on linear guides and is driven with a servostep motor with a mechanical transmission and HTD-8M toothed belt. The side gauge is controlled by the master control system of the hydraulic press which is run over Modbus TCP/IP communication and integration ensuring the press' safety circuit reliability and safe operation. The automated back gauge has an electrical RJ45 connection plug that is disconnectable and the A HAN 10P link is responsible for connecting power supply to the motor and induction sensors. The controller allows programs with sequences of up to 10 movements.

This press is made in Europe, it is CE Certified and directly delivered from our stock.


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    Technical specifications

    • Pressure force [tons]: 28
    • System Pressure [bar]: 200
    • Motor Power [kW/HP]: 4 / 5.5
    • Piston Stroke [mm]: 192
    • Piston Cylinder Diameter [mm]: 130
    • Oil Delivery [ltr/min]: 8
    • Oil Tank Capacity [litres]: 30
    • Working Speed [mm/sec]: 2 to 9.8
    • Return Speed [mm/sec]: 20
    • Stroke of the back gauge [mm]: 700
    • Linear speed [mm/sec] 0.04 (66 N) + 0.5 [m/s] (465 N)
    • Tooling Height – Standard [mm]: 200
    • Pin Diameters [mm]: 70
    • Useful Table Size (L x W) [mm]:
      300 x 550
    • Bending Capacity Flat Steel [mm]: 200 x 10
    • Power Requirements:
      400V, 50 Hz, 3-Phase
    • Total Length [mm]: 1150
    • Total Height [mm]: 1103
    • Working Width [mm]: 750
    • Weight [kg]: 800


    • EU Built
    • CE Certified
    • Standard Tools Included: Multi-Vee Block, V-Die Pin, Cylinder Face with DIN 650 Slots, Tool Holder, Tool Pins (3x), Tie-Bar Strap

    Features – Continued

    • Multi-Vee Block:
      Openings: 16, 25, 35, & 50 mm
      Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 200 mm
    • Schneider ProFace LT4000M Colour Touchscreen – 145mm
    • Controller is capable of 6 different languages
    • Controller saves up to 100 programs, 6 Steps each program
    • Each program can be named Alpha-numerically
    • Program Steps Control Bending Position and Return Position
    • Dwell Time at the end of the bend cycle is programmable
    • Cycle Counts and Run Times are viewable on the controller
    • Selector for Manual or Semi-
      Automatic operation
    • Manual Mode is for 1-Off Bends, Program, and Tool Setting
    • Semi-Automatic Mode carries out Production Runs based on established programs
    • E-Stops Push Buttons in 3 Locations
    • E-Stops are integrated into left and right foot pedals
    • Flow adjustment valve controls bending speed

    Features – Continued

    • Pressure Control Valve
    • Integrated pressure manometer
    • Worktable is equipped with an angular graduation
    • Back gauge with Scale
    • Pin Holes are lined
    • Different tooling can be installed on the worktable, on the tool mount and in the punch- and pin holes for a wide range of operations and tasks

    Optional accessories

    • 50 Ton Model is available per order
    • 1-Phase Models
    • 60 Hz Models
    • Tool for bending material with a large radius
    • Tool for bending a rod (symmetrical)
    • Tool for bending sheet metal into specific shape
    • Several stamps and dies
    • Hole Punching
    • Tube Notching
    • Tube Expanding
    • Tube Reduction
    • Intricate Bar Shapes for Gates
    • Ring Bending
    • Round Bar Bending

    Horizontal Press Break Charts

    Horizontal Press Brake

    Bending flat bars is easy work with on horizontal press and you can bend components that are completely closed that are not possible to achieve on traditional press brakes.  Bending tubes on a horizontal press brake is also possible and the press operator can achieve a wide variety of different bend angles.   The flexibility horizontal press brakes, no matter with a standard control or NC Controller allows for the easy production of tables, chairs, pool ladders, roll cages, cow catchers, bollards, fitness machines, street furniture, boxes, pans, playground equipment, and many other products.  Press Brakes that are horizontal allow an operator to simply Straighten and bend large profiles to conform to certain geometries and can assist in prototyping process the prove complicated with other standard presses.  Curves and bends are a cinch as well as is straightening faulty profiles.  A shearing attachment enables the cutting of flat bars or sheets.  These press machines expedite punching, boring, drilling processes and make perforating material for fences, doors, windows, and other parts an easy and efficient process. Also referred to as forming presses an operator achieves maximum efficiency when manufacturing clamps, eye bolts, flange, pipe holders, and other fasteners for pipes.   With the correct toolset tube flaring and expanding is also made easy for assembly and subsequent welding to procedures on exhaust pipes, water pump lines, stacking metal furniture, railings, roll cages, and many others.  Reducing pipe ends is also possible and it permits neatly joining different pipes to make berths, chairs, piping systems, garden gazebos, tents, and greenhouses.  Bending and folding solid rods enables a manufacturer to produce a vast variety of hooks, chains, links, and balusters from a square, rectangle, and round bars.  Cold forging can also be accomplished on tubes when manufacturing railings, fences, gates, doors, railings, and hinges.  All of these are common applications on a WorkshpPress.co.uk hydraulic press.  Horizontal Bending Presses from WorkshopPress.co.uk increase efficiency and make you money.

    Auto Mode for the HB-28

    AUTO Mode is used after a program is selected through the TOUCHSCREEN Interface.  The main functions carried out in AUTO mode are running a program in full or running chosen steps within a program on a repetitive fashion for production bending.  A CYCLE DWELL TIME can be set so that the piston delays when the programmed MAX value is reached.

    There are many additional features for AUTO MODE such as the ability to quickly select a PROGRAM that was pre-set in MANUAL MODE through touchscreen interface.  Up to 100 previously established Programs in the MANUAL mode can be quickly recalled by their desired and give name such Drawing Number, Part Number, Customer Name, or whatever else you chose thus eliminating the need for logbooks and engineering notations.  Programs run in the AUTO MODE are run for production purposes and all steps within the program or selected steps can be run.  For example, if a program has the maximum of 6 STEPS, STEPS 2 to 4 can be chosen from within the program to run as a cycle.  As previously mentioned, the DWELL TIME can be set for when the RAM reaches the programmed MAX position in AUTO MODE.   Within the AUTO operating mode, the RAM continues to move as long as the FOOT PEDAL is depressed by the operator.  If the operator removes his foot the ram stops.  In the forward moving bending process of a program step the ram continues move until it reaches the programmed MAX value for that STEP of the program, and when programmed MAX value for the step is reached the RAM returns to the programmed MIN value for that STEP of the program.  The forward moving or bending part of the STEP continues as long as the operator holds down the foot pedal, and when it reaches the MAX programmed position the cycle continues, but reverses and the ram starts its return to the MIN programmed position for that STEP.  Once the piston reaches the programmed MIN position for that STEP, the controller moves onto the next STEP of the program.  This cycle continues until the last STEP chosen is attained and then the PROGRAM rolls back to the FIRST chosen step of that program.

    Manual Mode for the HB-28

    Features of the MANUAL MODE are that you can SELECT a program from 1 to 100 with the TOUCHSCREEN INTERFACE and modify that program to suit your production needs.  It is within the MANUAL mode where the operator carries out modifications to a program, and it is here where naming of the PROGRAM is carried out along with the defining the MIN and MAX values for each of the 6 possible Program STEPS within the PROGRAM.  Individually selected PROGRAM STEPS can be run within the MANUAL MODE and the MIN and MAX values are functional and adhered to making this mode useful for 1 off bends and for the setting bending parameters when establishing a program.  In this mode the PISTON advances in STEP or INCH Mode meaning the ram advances or returns only when the foot pedal is depressed.

    CE Certificate

    This press comes with a standard 2-Year Warranty and a CE Certificate as standard.

    All Profi Presses by RHTC are customisable, integrative, and have custom tools available.