Horizontal Press Brake 150 Ton NC Control

Product Code: HPB-150-NC

The HPB-150-NC Horizontal Hydraulic Press Machine 150 Ton model with NC controls is extremely versatile and is ideal for precision bending, straightening, punching, and shearing making it possible to produce a vast assortment of different parts such as braces, hooks, rings, brackets, clips from heavy-duty metal.

The different tools available for Horizontal press brakes are countless but some of the most common tools are for metal folding, bending, punching, crimping, cutting and other tools for bending tube, pipe and metal profiles are also available. Some optional tools are portrayed underneath the machine.

With years of experience in the manufacturing industry, our staff can also assist you in designing custom tools to address your applications.

These horizontal press machines are available with capacities from 10 up to 150 tons and with and are manufactured according to the most current CE regulations.

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    Technical specifications

    • Max Pressure [tons]: 150 Tons
    • Oil Tank Capacity [litres]: Coming Soon
    • Bending Capacity Flat Material [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Bending Capacity Round Tubes [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Max Stroke [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Diameter of Pins[mm]: Coming Soon
    • Height of Tooling [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Working Speed [mm/sec]: Coming Soon
    • Return Speed [mm/sec]: Coming Soon
    • Motor Power [kW]: Coming Soon
    • Net Weight [kg]: Coming Soon
    • Size of the Table (LxW) [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Working Height [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Side Stop Length [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Length of the Machine [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Width of the Machine [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Height of the Machine [mm]: Coming Soon
    • Size of Packing (LxWxH) [mm]: Coming Soon


    • NC Controller Holds 99 Programs 15 Steps each
    • Adjustable piston stroke and return by step
    • Manual and Automatic Program Modes
    • Flow adjustment valve for pressure
    • Pressure manometer
    • Back gauge
    • V-Die (5 mm radius)
    • V-Die Receptor (5 mm radius 65 mm opening)
    • Mounting Pins (2x)
    • Pin for Tool Holding (1x)
    • Modes: Manual and Automatic (1x)

    Optional accessories

    • Tool Set for Bending Tubes
    • Tool Set for Bending Flat Bar the Hard Way
    • Tool Set for Straightening Beams and Sections
    • Tool for bending sheet metal into specific shape
    • Punching tools
    • Shearing tools

    Horizontal Press Break Charts


    Horizontal Press Brake

    Bending flat bars is easy work with on horizontal press and you can bend components that are completely closed that are not possible to achieve on traditional press brakes.  Bending tubes on a horizontal press brake is also possible and the press operator can achieve a wide variety of different bend angles.   The flexibility horizontal press brakes, no matter with a standard control or NC Controller allows for the easy production of tables, chairs, pool ladders, roll cages, cow catchers, bollards, fitness machines, street furniture, boxes, pans, playground equipment, and many other products.  Press Brakes that are horizontal allow an operator to simply Straighten and bend large profiles to conform to certain geometries and can assist in prototyping process the prove complicated with other standard presses.  Curves and bends are a cinch as well as is straightening faulty profiles.  A shearing attachment enables the cutting of flat bars or sheets.  These press machines expedite punching, boring, drilling processes and make perforating material for fences, doors, windows, and other parts an easy and efficient process. Also referred to as forming presses an operator achieves maximum efficiency when manufacturing clamps, eye bolts, flange, pipe holders, and other fasteners for pipes.   With the correct toolset tube flaring and expanding is also made easy for assembly and subsequent welding to procedures on exhaust pipes, water pump lines, stacking metal furniture, railings, roll cages, and many others.  Reducing pipe ends is also possible and it permits neatly joining different pipes to make berths, chairs, piping systems, garden gazebos, tents, and greenhouses.  Bending and folding solid rods enables a manufacturer to produce a vast variety of hooks, chains, links, and balusters from a square, rectangle, and round bars.  Cold forging can also be accomplished on tubes when manufacturing railings, fences, gates, doors, railings, and hinges.  All of these are common applications on a WorkshpPress.co.uk hydraulic press.  Horizontal Bending Presses from WorkshopPress.co.uk increase efficiency and make you money.

    CE Certificate

    This press comes with a standard 2-Year Warranty and a CE Certificate as standard.

    All Profi Presses by RHTC are customisable, integrative, and have custom tools available.