SZ500 • Manual Lifting Trolley Platform 500Kg •

Product Code: PPC-Series-Safety-1

Lifting trolleys are perfect for simple cargo handling.

Lift trolleys travel from 595 to 940 mm and have a load capacity of 350 - 500 kg. The lifting trolleys come with large wheels at the front and easy-to-handle swivel wheels with brakes at the rear. A foot pump lets you safely and easily adjust the height.

The lifting trolleys are especially suitable for companies where lifting, transporting or adjusting the working height is an everyday challenge.

Optional guarding and light curtains can be added to your existing setup, enhancing operational safety without compromising efficiency. The light curtains are programmed to halt machine operation instantaneously upon detecting any foreign object, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents. For those seeking an extra layer of customization, bespoke table sizes are also available upon request.

Incorporating advanced safety features such as press guarding, these devices ensure that your machinery operates within the highest safety parameters, allowing you to focus on precision and productivity.

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    Technical specifications

    SZ500 Manual Lifting Trolley Platform
    Minimum Closed Height: 285mm
    Travel: 595mm
    Total Raised Height; 880mm
    Self Weight: 80Kg
    Length; 855mm
    Width: 500mm
    Foot pedal hydraulic raising
    Lowering via a trigger on the push handlebar

    Constructed from painted mild steel
    12 Month warranty

    Constructed from painted mild steel
    12 Month warranty