Punching Tool • 6mm to 20mm • Profi Punch 16

Punching Tool Set 6mm to 20mm: The Ultimate Solution for Precision Hole Punching

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of our Punching Tool Set, meticulously designed to handle hole sizes ranging from 6mm to 20mm. This comprehensive set is your go-to solution for a multitude of applications requiring precise and durable hole punching. Whether you're working with sheet metal or steel plates, this tool set is engineered to withstand the rigors of both materials, offering you a level of versatility that is second to none.

Crafted from high-grade, heat-treated steel, the set is built to last, providing exceptional tensile strength and durability. It's not just a tool; it's a robust solution designed to meet the high standards of today's metal fabrication industry. With its precision engineering, this Punching Tool Set minimizes the risk of burrs and deformations, ensuring that each hole is clean and accurate. This makes it an indispensable asset for metal fabrication workshops, automotive repair facilities, and a wide range of industrial applications where precision and reliability are paramount.

The set comes complete with a variety of punch sizes, allowing you to tackle a broad spectrum of tasks with a single, comprehensive tool kit. From creating ventilation holes in sheet metal enclosures to preparing steel plates for welding and assembly, this Punching Tool Set offers a one-stop solution for all your hole-punching needs.

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    Technical Features:

    • Material Compatibility: Ideal for use on sheet metal and steel plates up to a thickness of 12mm.
    • Hole Size Range: Accommodates a variety of hole sizes from 6mm to 20mm in diameter.
    • High Tensile Strength: Made from premium steel with a tensile strength of 850 MPa, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
    • Heat Treatment: Undergoes a specialized heat-treatment process to enhance hardness and durability.
    • Precision Engineering: Designed for accurate and clean hole punching, minimizing burrs and deformations.
    • Safety Measures: Features a quick-release mechanism for safe and easy tool change.

    Punching Tools Set

    This set contains Punches Dies with the following diameters:

    • 6.5 mm
    • 8.5 mm
    • 10.5 mm
    • 12.5 mm
    • 14.5 mm
    • 16.5 mm
    • 18.5mm
    • 20 mm

    Applications – This Punching Tool Set is perfect for:

    • Creating ventilation holes in sheet metal enclosures
    • Preparing steel plates for welding and assembly
    • Custom fabrication tasks requiring precise hole placements
    • Manufacturing automotive parts, such as brackets and mounts
    • Electrical panel installations requiring custom hole configurations
    • Crafting metal furniture with intricate hole patterns
    • Producing HVAC components with specific airflow requirements
    • Assembling heavy machinery where precise hole alignment is critical
    • Building metal frameworks for construction projects
    • Designing custom metal artwork with intricate hole designs
    • Prototyping new products requiring exact hole dimensions
    • Repairing heavy-duty equipment by replacing or adding holes in metal parts
    • Crafting metal railings and fences with decorative or functional holes


    Our Punching Tool Set 6mm to 20mm is not just a tool; it’s a long-term investment for your workshop. Engineered for precision and built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty metalwork, this set offers unmatched performance and durability.