Scantool 75X Silverstar Industrial Belt Grinder with Extraction Unit for Aluminium

Product Code: 439232230

Based on the Scantool 75 Series Industrial Belt Grinder Scanttol has produced the first in the world grinder for Aluminium and other non-spark metals. Its special construction produced only from the best quality raw materials and components guarantees that no explosion can occur due to flammable aluminum dust. The grinding belt will never come into contact with steel parts, even if the grinding belt breaks due to overload or wear and tear. The powerful built-in exhaust system extracts aluminium dust particles and it has an integrated delay system guaranteeing that dust and gasses are extracted for 10 to 15 seconds after the grinding machine has been turned off and thereafter the exhaust system turns off automatically.

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    Technical specifications for Scantool 75X Silverstar Industrial Belt Grinder with Extraction Unit for Aluminium

    • Grinding belt: 75 x 2000 mm
    • Voltage: 3-Ph 400V 50 Hz
    • Rpm: 3000
    • Wheel size: 200 x 75 x 200 mm
    • Motor: 4.1 Hp
    • Grinding Table: 470 mm
    • Exhaust: 600 m³ per Hour
    • Measurement. L x W x H: 1025 x 600 x 1000 mm
    • Weight: 85 Kg

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    Belt Grinders Belt Grinders for ferrous and non-ferrous metals[/caption]ool Industrial Belt Grinders are made for industrial purposes and all standard models come with an outlet to attach a central exhaust system. Scantool belt metal grinders are available with or without a powerful built-in double exhaust system (Systems with exhaust are designated by “X” at the end of the part number.) A dust bag is a standard accessory for all models. All grinding systems can be connected to the Scantool high-quality optional extra Scantool Cyclone Dust Collection System is designed to be the perfect solution for the trouble-free collection of dust. Grinding Systems with a standard Brake Motor provide you with maximum safety. All Scantool Industrial Grinding Systems are reliable, simple to use, offer practical operation, all adjustments are easy and quick to carry out including belt changeovers. All Belt Grinders from Scantool offer a 5-year guarantee on the motor.