Scantool Centerless Belt Grinder and Polishing Machine 75CGX with Exhaust

Product Code: 430232237

The Workshop Press Company offers Scantool Centreless Grinding and Polishing Machines are based of their Industrial Belt Grinder Technology. The top quality Scantool Industrial Belt Grinders can be supplied with an attachment which that is then mounted on front end of all belt grinders offered by Scantool that have a 75 x 2000 mm belt and there still is a large top grinding surface. The centreless grinding attachment is easy install, remove, and to operate and grinds/polishes all tubes and pipes with diameters between 6 and 120 mm. Scantool CG Centreless Grinding and Polishing Machines are unique within the metalworking machinery market because they remain a belt grinder even when the centreless grinding attachment is mounted to the machine providing dual-function providing the owner top efficiency and cost savings. To use the belt grinder as normal It is not necessary to take off the centreless attachment because both the contact wheel and the flat grinding surface on top are accessible for normal grinding and polishing when the attachment is fastened to the machine. All Scantool Centreless Industrial Belt Grinders are available with and without dust extraction. The standard version provides the ability to grind and polish tubes with diameters of between 20 and 120 mm and an optional Teflon support enables polishing and grinding of tubes and pipes with diameters between 6mm and 120mm.

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    Technical specifications for Scantool Centerless Belt Grinder and Polishing Machine 75CGX with Exhaust

    • Grinding belt (mm) 75×2000
    • Motor (HP) 4,1/4,8
    • Number of spindle speeds 2
    • Pipe dimension (ø mm) 6-120
    • Rpm 1400/1700 – 2800/3300
    • Saw speed (m/min) 15/30
    • Voltage 400V 50 Hz 3-Phase
    • Wheel size, Drive wheel (ø mm) 200x100x28

    Scantool CGC centerless grinding and polishing machine is with a centerless grinding attachment mounted to the front of a standard SCANTOOL 75 belt grinder with a special two speed motor.
    The centerless attachment is with built-in cooling system to avoid discoloration due to the heat of the polished pipes and tubes – particular when polishing particular small diameters. The CGC attachment can also be used without cooling for more coarse grinding/cleaning jobs of pipes and tubes. The automatic feeding system makes it easy to grind and polish pipes and tubes from ø6-120mm in diameter.
    Height adjustable support stands with a V-shaped Mink brushes are offered for extra-long pipe and tubes as an accessory. There is no limit of the length – but the limit is the weight of the pipe or tube which maximum can be 20 kg. for automatic feeding.
    The CGC centerless grinding attachment is on wheels and can be dismounted from the belt grinder in less than a minute. As standard equipment follows a spark box and tool rest for the SCANTOOL 75 belt grinder which can be mounted in less than a minute. Then the belt grinder can be used for normal grinding jobs if there is a period where the centerless grinder will not be used.