Scantool Centerless Double Head Grinder/Polishing Machine 150 CGW

Product Code: 430234280

Scantool model 150CGW Double Centreless Grinder is a double head grinding and polishing machine that incorporates a built-in wet cooling system that can be turned on and off depending on the tube or pipe surface grinding or polishing operation. The Scantool 150CGW Centreless Grinder is operator friendly, simple, and easy to operate and can grind and polish objects with a diameter from 10mm up to an outside diameter of 150mm and a weight of 25 kg. By virtue of the double head configuration two functions, grinding and polishing, can be carried out in one pass. Scantool is known for advanced designs and quality and uses top quality European controls for stepless speed adjustment allowing the operator to set the machine to the most efficient settings to achieve optimal grinding and polishing of the workpiece. To change from one diameter to another is a quick-change process that is carried out with easy-to-use scales and levers. This machine is built in the EU according to the most recent EU standards and is CE Certified.

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    Technical Specifications

    • Grinding Belt [mm]: 150 x 2000
    • Voltage: 400V 50 Hz 3-Phase
    • Pipe/Tube Capacity ᴓ [ mm]: 10 to 150
    • Pipe/Tube Weight Capacity [kg]: 25
    • Motor – Main [Hp]: 4.5
    • Belt Speed [m/sec] 30
    • Motor – Centerless [Hp]: 0.18
    • Speed – Centreless [rpm]: 600/3000
    • Length [mm]: 1700
    • Width [mm]: 1400
    • Height [mm]: 1600
    • Weight [kg]: 470

    With the flexible design, multi-machine system can be built which enables multiple polishing processes in one single step.

    Centreless grinding is an abrasive cutting process that removes predetermined amount of material from a workpiece’s surface to enhance the surface finish either for a functional or aesthetic purpose.  Centreless grinding is name such because there is no centre spindle or fixture that locates the workpiece.  The workpiece is held between two spinning grinding wheels both of which have independent rates or rotation (rpm).  The relative of rotation between the two wheels determines the rate at which the material is removed from the surface of the workpiece.

    Scantool is a Danish manufacturer of grinding and other metal processing tools that was founded in 1961 and starting with the manufacturing of motors.  From there they have come to use their top quality motors in their machine tools, and they stand behind their products with robust motor warranties.

    Scantool has continued to grow their product offering and brands and now has the SCANTOOL, KEF, ARBOGA, and HM Machinery product lines.