Synthetic Coolant – 25 Litres

Product Code: COOLANT-25L

Introducing our 25L Jerry Can Synthetic Coolant, expertly formulated for cutting applications on ferrous metals. This premium-quality coolant offers a clear, stable solution in both hard and soft waters, ensuring optimal performance. Its advanced formulation provides excellent anti-corrosion properties and boasts a long system life, making it a reliable choice for industrial applications.

    • Description
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    Designed to mix with water at a typical concentration of 3% to 10% oil to water by volume, our synthetic coolant is versatile for both ferrous and non-ferrous applications. It leaves no sticky or tacky residues, ensuring a clean work environment. Additionally, it’s engineered to be low-foaming, reducing scum formation and helping to keep your machine tools clean.  Always consult the technical manuals of your machine and of the coolant manufacturer to assure the correct mixture for your application is being used.


    • Technical Features

      • Specially developed for cutting applications on metals.
      • Forms a clear, stable solution in hard and soft waters.
      • Excellent anti-corrosion properties.
      • Long system life.
      • Typical Mix ratio of 3% to 10% oil to water by volume.
      • Suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous applications.
      • Leaves no sticky or tacky residues.
      • Low foaming and minimal scum formation.
      • Helps to keep machine tools clean.
      • Clear solution aids in visual inspection of work-pieces.


    • Perfect for cutting large metal plates, bars, and pipes
    • Suitable for intricate cutting applications
    • Essential for metal fabrication and structural work
    • Key for manufacturing components in the automotive industry
    • Critical for precision cutting in aerospace part production
    • Utilized for maintenance cutting in power plants of all types
    • Ideal for crafting precise cuts in industrial fabrication
    • Used for cutting exotic materials in custom manufacturing
    • Integral for cutting in the production of large-scale sculptures
    • Necessary for precision cutting in shipbuilding and repairs

    Experience superior cutting performance with our 25 Litre Jerrycan Synthetic Coolant. Its clear mixture with water aids in the visual inspection of work-pieces, enhancing productivity and efficiency in your cutting operations. Ideal for both hard and soft water applications, it stands out for its anti-corrosion properties and longevity.