Tripod Jack Tester – Hydraulic Motorised Press

Product Code: Jack-Testing-Press

Experience precision and reliability with the RHTC Profi Press Tripod Jack Tester, engineered for meticulous pressure force testing of tripod jacks. Crafted in the Netherlands, this test unit is an indispensable tool for industries requiring rigorous load capacity assessments, including aircraft maintenance and defense. The tester's adjustable load cell head, capable of lateral and vertical movement, accommodates a variety of jack sizes, making it a versatile choice for multiple applications.

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    Key Features:

    • Precision Engineering: Built in the Netherlands, designed for checking pressure forces up to 25 tonnes.
    • Adaptable Design: Features a movable head with a load cell, adjustable via a winch for height and side-to-side movement, accommodating various jack sizes.
    • Reliable Readings: Equipped with a digital display showing force measurements in tonnes, essential for validation of jack integrity.
    • Industry Versatility: From aircraft maintenance to military applications, suitable for any sector requiring stringent load testing.

    Additional Information:

    • Maximum Pressure Force: 25 tonnes
    • Weight: 1860 kg
    • Electrical Requirements: 230V/16A
    • Adjustable Load Cell Head: For precise placement over jacks
    • Display: Digital, showing force in tonnes
    • Construction: Durable metal with high-resistance components

    Technical Features:

    • Versatile Application: Ideal for aircraft, automotive, and military maintenance.
    • NATO Registered: Design recorded in NATO database, ensuring compliance and recognition in international defense industries.
    • Safety Compliant: Ensures thorough testing of tripod jack valves and seals for operational safety.
    • Custom Designs Available: Tailored solutions for specific industry requirements, as demonstrated by units designed for the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

    Maximize operational efficiency and safety with the Profi Press Tripod Jack Tester. Designed for exact testing of tripod jacks to ensure functionality of valves and seals. Ideal for any industry needing precise load measurement.