Tube and Pipe Notcher – 150RSX

Product Code: 700681550

The only pipe grinder on the market that offers adjustment of the grinding section rather than the object to be ground due to the adjustment of the grinding section instead of the object to be ground, the required work space is kept to an absolute minimum when grinding.
Quick and easy adjustment to all angles without the use of tools, precision grinding of pipes and profiles at all angles and a perfect fit of the grinding roller to the desired diameter.

The Scantool Tube and Pipe Notcher 150RSX comes with a powerful built-in exhaust system.

  • High-quality and heavy construction
  • Very suitable for batch production.

This machine is CE Certified and comes with a 3 Year Guarantee.

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    Technical specifications

    • Without exhaust ✓
    • Exhaust (m³/h) 600
    • Grinding belt (mm) 150×1600
    • Machine height (mm) 1850
    • Machine length (mm) 2350
    • Machine width (mm) 810
    • Motor (HP) 4,1
    • Motor (kW) 3,0
    • Net weight (kg) 225
    • Number of spindle speeds 1
    • Pipe dimension (ø mm) 21-100
    • Rpm 1400/1700
    • Voltage 3×400/440V-50/60 Hz
    • Wheel size, Drive wheel (ø mm) 200x100x28

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    Tube & Pipe Notchers

    Tube notchers are an essential bit of equipment especially in a workshop were handrails, roll cages, and tubular structures are manufactured. A high-quality tube notcher can save a business time and money and at the same time improve the quality of products produced.