Endforming Machine TEF-76-NC

Product Code: TEF-76-NC

Tube End Forming Machines do precisely as their name says; they form or shape the end of tubes or pipes to accommodate the customer’s specific application. The forming process can include expanding, reducing, crimping, crowing, swaging, slotting, beading, flaring, star-forming, and thickening of the tube end. Tube End Formers and Pipe End Formers manipulate the end of the tube or pipe facilitating a clean and integral connection between two pipes. The forming of the tube can be carried out in a variety of shapes and geometries. The type of end form used depends on the intended use of the tube junction or pipe junction. Forming the end of tubes or pipes can also be used to create connections between other types of connections, such as connecting it to a pliable hose or an assembly divider block. Before or after the tube end is formed seals, rings, fittings, collar nuts, swage collars, and other components can be implemented, facilitating an excellent connection between tube and pipe sections. Some typical applications where people use tube end forming are automotive exhausts, furniture, air conditioning, refrigeration, hydraulics, tent poles, water transmission lines, gas transmission lines, braking systems, and many other applications.

This machine comes with a 2-Year Warranty and is CE Certified.

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    Technical specifications for Endforming Machine TEF-76-NC

    • NC Controlled- Single-Head Tube and Pipe End-Forming Machine
    • Maximum 76 mm diameter x 3 mm wall (Mild Steel)
    • Hydraulic Clamping System
    • Pneumatic Buffer within System
    • Motor Power: 7.5 kW
    • 110 mm Colour Touch Screen
    • Manual or Automatic Operation (on-screen selection)
    • Production Total Counts On-Screen
    • Control of the forming times, moving the parts, and desired clamping pressure is controlled on screen
    • Foot Pedal Operation (Palm Buttons are available as an option)
    • 100 Program Storage.
    • Hydraulic Pressure Maximum: 150 bar
    • Safety Lock on Electrical Panel with Foreman’s Key
    • 2-Year Warranty
    • CE Certified