V-Block Set • Designed for 200 Ton Workshop Presses • Suits Other Presses • Mutli-Purpose

Product Code: PP100010-V-BLOCK-200T

Designed for precision and enduring reliability, our 200 Ton V-Block Set is fabricated from top-tier steel with remarkable tensile resilience. Coated with an anti-corrosion layer for added durability, these V-Blocks are meticulously engineered to integrate seamlessly with 200 Ton hydraulic presses. Measuring 410 mm in length, 150 mm in width, and 225 mm in height, they offer the flexibility to handle both planar and cylindrical workpieces. Safety is a top priority; each V-Block is equipped with expertly machined anti-slip grooves at both extremities, guaranteeing secure workpiece placement and even force dispersion to minimize the risk of deformation. Tailored dimensions and designs can be produced upon request. Ideally suited for applications in metal fabrication, automotive repair, and diverse industrial environments, our 200 Ton V-Blocks deliver multi-faceted utility and customization options to fulfill your specific needs.

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    Specific Uses of 200 Ton V-Blocks in Hydraulic Workshop Press Systems:

    • Cylindrical Shaft Stabilization:

    V-Blocks excel in firmly clamping large cylindrical shafts for precise alignment, ensuring even distribution of applied forces.

    • Fitting Bearings and Bushings:

    These blocks are proficient in anchoring components like bearings and bushings while they are mounted onto expansive shafts or enclosures.

    • Material Strength Evaluation:

    Employ these larger V-Blocks to securely grasp more substantial test specimens for compressive or tensile strength analysis.

    • Drilling and Milling Assistance:

    In conjunction with dedicated drill press fixtures, these V-Blocks provide a robust base for high-precision drilling or milling.

    • Securing Tubes and Pipes for Bending:

    The grooves in these V-Blocks are designed for the stable placement of oversized tubes and pipes during intricate bending operations.

    • Metal Forming and Stamping:

    These blocks are adept at holding larger metal sheets or other flat materials securely for stamping or forming processes.

    • Gear and Sprocket Positioning:

    V-Blocks are ideal for keeping large gears and sprockets in the proper alignment for adjustments or modifications.

    • Welding and Component Fabrication:

    They offer an excellent foundation for positioning larger parts accurately for detailed welding activities.

    • Industrial Assembly Efficiency:

    In manufacturing assembly lines, these V-Blocks are essential for maintaining the correct orientation of various larger components for streamlined and accurate assembly.

    • Quality Control and Measurement:

    V-Blocks play a vital role in holding components securely for dimensional verification, ensuring they meet quality standards.


    Each of these specific applications benefits from the 200 Ton V-Block’s superior ability to securely hold workpieces, evenly distribute forces, and enhance the safety of the operator.

    V-Blocks act as versatile tools in Motorized Workshop Presses and Metalworking Equipment, addressing a broad spectrum of activities that demand precision and reliability. They play a key role in the accurate alignment of shafts, ensuring consistent force distribution on cylindrical parts. For the installation of bushings and bearings, V-Blocks provide a steadfast hold, facilitating accurate placement onto shafts or enclosures. They are crucial in material testing scenarios, securely anchoring samples for both compressive and tensile evaluations. When used alongside a column drill press, V-Blocks serve as a stable base for meticulous drilling and milling operations. Specially crafted V-Blocks are utilized for the precise bending of tubes and pipes. In tasks like metal stamping and shaping, they offer a firm grip on sheet metal or other flat materials. For gear and sprocket adjustments, V-Blocks help in maintaining the correct orientation of these components. They are also invaluable in welding and fabrication, aiding in the precise alignment of parts. On assembly lines, V-Blocks enhance efficiency and accuracy by ensuring proper orientation of diverse components. Lastly, they are vital in quality control measures, holding objects securely for dimensional checks to meet quality standards.