V-Block Set • Designed for 30 & 60 Ton Workshop Presses • Suits Other Presses • Mutli-Purpose

Product Code: PP100007-V-BLOCK-30-60T

V-blocks are used on a hydraulic workshop press to support workpieces that are not flat. The V-shaped grooves in the blocks support and hold the workpiece and prevent it from slipping which is important both for accuracy and operator safety.

This V-Block Set can be used in all three directions:
-With the V grooves facing up
-With the V Grooves facing down
-Laying on their sides forming a table

On the bottom side of the V-Blocks are machined sections to allow the tight fitting of the blocks with the V-grooves in the updward position.

V-blocks are manufactured from high-quality steel and this set is fits both the 30 Ton and 60 Ton H Frame Presses.

Bespoke Bearing Press V Blocks are available and in a variety of sizes to accommodate different presses, applications, and workpieces. And example of bespoke V-blocks are those that have a threaded hole in the base, which allows them to be secured to a workbench or other work surface.

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    Some of the benefits of using V-blocks on a hydraulic workshop press include:

    Improved accuracy: V-blocks provide a more stable platform for workpieces during bending and straightening operations.

    Increased safety: V-blocks help to prevent workpieces from slipping, which can help to prevent injuries to the operator.

    Extended tool life: V-blocks can help to extend the life of tools by reducing wear and tear.

    If you are using a hydraulic workshop press, it is important to use V-blocks to support your workpieces. This will help to improve the accuracy, safety, and longevity of your work.

    Some additional tips for using V-blocks:

    • Make sure that the V-blocks are the correct size for the workpiece.
    • Align the V-blocks so that the grooves are parallel to each other.
    • Do not overload the V-blocks.
    • Inspect the V-blocks regularly for signs of wear or damage.