Wedge Shaped Punching Device • Usable in All Presses • Flat Sheet • Flat Bar • Tubes

Product Code: WSPT-BESPOKE

When it comes to notching wedged shapes this tool is a state-of-the-art Wedge-Shaped Punch Press Tool that is a versatile hydraulic press tool engineered for precision and durability. Designed to create custom notches in a variety of materials, this punch is an indispensable asset for metal fabrication, drainage systems, and specialized manufacturing processes. Compatible with both Workshop Presses and Profi Punch machines, this tool offers unparalleled flexibility and performance.

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    Technical Descriptions:

    • Material Compatibility: Flat sheet, steel plate, box section, round tube, oblong tube, and many others.
    • Customization: Length/depth and width of the notch can be tailored to specific needs
    • Common Uses: Drainage notches for tubes, pipes, and profiles for plating and anodizing processes.

    Our Wedge-Shaped Punch is often utilized for creating drainage notches in tubes, pipes, and profiles that are to be plated or anodized. All the tools that we offer can be customized to suit specifric requiredments such as the length, depth, and width of the notch, making it a highly adaptable solution for your production needs. For pricing and further customization options, please contact us directly.