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Rack presses are a type of metal working machinery we are proud to have for sale here at Workshop Press. We specialise in supplying high quality metal fabrication equipment and take pride in having a wealth of equipment to choose from, particularly rack pressing equipment.

Pressing is a common type of manufacturing process which usually uses a tool or a piece of machinery to apply pressure to a workpiece. Also known as stamping, the press process is commonly used on sheet metal. Sheet metal will be placed inside or on the press machine and will undergo pressure from the machine to form the metal into the desired shape. As a leading UK hydraulic press supplier, press machines are something we are particularly knowledgeable on. From hydraulic presses to manual ones, you’ll find plenty of choice. 

In addition to hydraulic presses, we are also a rack press supplier and stock four different rack presses for sale which you’ll find on our website. So what are rack presses? 


What is a rack press?

Sometimes known as rack and pinion presses, rack presses are a manually operated pressing tool that typically feature a lever. This lever is connected to a rack and pinion, and when pulled down, applies force to the workpiece. Whilst there are many different variations of rack presses, they usually work in a similar way. 


When are they used? 

Metal pressing is suitable for a variety of different applications. Pressing and stampings can become a part of all sorts of important components from aerospace and automotive parts through to devices for the medical sector. Pressings are instrumental for many different industries however the tool used to manufacture them depends on the size, quantity and other important factors of the part. 

When it comes to rack presses, they are usually most suitable for when a precise and constant force is required throughout the pressing range. 


PP2HR Rack Press 

This benchtop rack press has the ability to provide a pressure force of up to 200kg. The rack press provides a linear and consistent powered stroke according to the force applied on the lever. As well as that, the stroke can be adjusted from 0-50mm and the vertical light can be adjusted from 54-200mm. Weighing just 8kg, this lightweight rack press is perfect for smaller workbenches. 


PP3HR Rack Press

Weighing 17kg, this rack press has a much bigger pressure force than the PP2HR with a force of 400kg. Its stroke can be adjusted from between 0-80mm and the vertical light from 35-270mm. Easy to install, this press is highly robust and ergonomic. 


PP4HR Rack Press

The PP4HR rack press offers quick and easy adjustment of the vertical light which has a range of 46-280mm. Its stroke can also be seamlessly adjusted and ranges from 0-100mm. This rack press has a pressure force of 600kg and can be easily mounted on a benchtop with pre-drilled mounting holes. 


PP14HR Rack Press

Weighing 45kg and with a pressure force of 1400kg, this rack press is the most heavy duty rack press we supply here at Workshop Press. Also, its stroke can be adjusted from 0-420mm and it comes equipped with a rotating table for ease of use. The stroke can be locked for rotation to ensure the highest levels of precision and durability. 


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