Sealing Your Investment: Comprehensive Support for Your Horizontal Press Brake Purchase

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You’re on the brink of securing a horizontal press brake, a pivotal investment in your metalworking operations. At Workshop Press, we ensure that your investment extends beyond the machine itself. In this comprehensive guide, we focus on the crucial aspects of warranties, delivery options, training services, and post-purchase support, all of which are integral to your purchase decision.

Assurance with Our Horizontal Press Brake Warranties

A robust warranty reflects the confidence we have in our products. We provide detailed information on the warranty coverage for our horizontal press brakes, underscoring our commitment to quality and long-term performance. Understand how our warranties protect your investment and offer peace of mind. Learn about our warranty coverage.

Streamlined Delivery Options for Your Press Brake

The delivery and installation of your new press brake are key to its successful integration into your operations. We outline the various delivery options available, ensuring a process tailored to your specific needs. From standard to expedited shipping, we cover it all for a smooth transition.

Empowering Your Team with Professional Training

To maximise the potential of your new horizontal press brake, proper training is essential. We offer professional training services to equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed for safe and efficient operation. This service ensures that your staff are fully prepared to harness the capabilities of their new machine.

Post-Purchase Support: Our Commitment to Your Success

Our relationship with you doesn’t end at the sale. We provide extensive post-purchase support, including routine maintenance, technical assistance, and access to spare parts. This comprehensive support package is designed to ensure your horizontal press brake continues to deliver optimal performance for years to come. Learn about our post-purchase support.

Connecting with Certified Horizontal Press Brake Suppliers

Partnering with the right Horizontal Press Brake Suppliers is crucial for a successful purchase. We highlight the importance of choosing certified suppliers like Workshop Press, known for their industry expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Discover how working with the right supplier can enhance your overall buying experience. Find out more about our certified suppliers.


Purchasing a horizontal press brake is a significant step, and at Workshop Press, we are dedicated to making it a rewarding experience. From comprehensive warranties to professional training and post-purchase support, we provide everything you need to make a confident decision. For further information or to finalise your purchase, visit our main horizontal press brake page. Join the ranks of satisfied Workshop Press customers and experience the difference in quality and service.

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