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Summary. Boost your welding efficiency and work quality with high-precision welding positioners and turntables. Made in Germany, Merkle’s CE-certified rotary tables improve productivity with their precise positioning and capacity range of 50-5000 Kg. Ideal for various industries, these equipment feature through-holes, enhancing the welding of long sections. Workshop Press, a leading supplier, provides these and other metal fabrication tools.


Top-quality welding positioners improves a welder’s efficiency and quality of work. It allows weld components to be positioned in the optimal place on an application by application basis. Rotary welding turntables provide a key benefit of precise positioning in the flat or horizontal position. Additionally, they offer a high-precision and efficient method of rotating industrial workpieces around a vertical or horizontal axis.

Merkle Rotary Welding Positioners tables are made in Germany. The welding equipment implements the latest technologies, are CE Certified, and come with a 2-year Warranty. The Merkle offering includes a bench top and floor standing rotary welding tables. They are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a capacity of 50 Kg on up to 5000 Kg. 

Welding Turntables Come With A Variety Of Features

Welding turntables and welding positioners can have a variety of features and attributions. For instance:

  • How much weight the faceplate can carry and rotate
  • The faceplate diameter
  • Whether the faceplate has a through-hole or not
  • The diameter of the through-hole
  • Static or tilt-able faceplate
  • For tilt-able faceplates the degree range and degree increments
  • The working height of the faceplate
  • The RPM range of the faceplate
  • Rotational directions of the faceplate (clockwise and anti-clockwise)
  • Grounding capacity
  • Mechanism

And many more.

Enhancing Productivity

Welding positioners and welding turntables employ a variety of mechanisms to secure and position welding workpieces. At the same time, they enable the weld piece to rotate infinitely on a 360° rotation. Therefore, improving welding efficiency and weld quality. Welding round objects is much easier and more productive with rotary welding positioners and rotary welding tables. Specific models are reversible and have variable speed control. This enables the welder operator to set the rotary speed accurately.

Merkle welding positioners have spindle bores, also know as through holes, as a standard. Through-holes enable the supply of compressed air, cooling liquid and shielding gas to clamp tools and workpieces. The through-hole also allows the welder to push long pipes and workpieces through. As a result, making welding long and awkward sections, a straightforward task. Merkle welding positioners offer a wide variety of specifications and features such as motors and controls. 

Where Are They Used?

Welding positioners are in use for a wide variety of welding applications. They greatly enhance productivity when welding pipes, tubes, shafts, wheels, elbows fittings, and cauldrons. Welding turntables and positioners are extremely useful for rotating or positioning workpieces when large offset loads are a requirement.

Furthermore, they are suitable for use in a variety of applications that include the spooling of pipes. Additionally, they are suitable for very large and/or cumbersome parts. Such as, chassis components or components of structural steel assemblies. Other industries that use rotary welding positioners are shipbuilding, renewable energy, wind turbines, oil pipeline, gas pipeline. As well as, defence, aerospace, power generation, nuclear, motorsport, automotive, and many more.

Optional gripper welding chucks and other various controls, such as foot pedals are available. Foot pedals allow for handsfree operation during welding processes. Gripper chucks are in use primarily to custom weld pieces and are affixed to the welding faceplate.

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Workshop Press is one of the country’s leading suppliers of metalworking machinery – including workshop presses and welding equipment. With our knowledge, we can ensure you invest in the right metal fabrication equipment for your application. Would you would like to find out more information about our high standard welding turntables and positioners? Maybe you’re interested in some of our other products such pipe notchers rounding notchers or hydraulic press machines? If so, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our friendly team is happy to help.

We also have a great range of tooling equipment and accessories such as our Mobile Base, which is adjustable and universal.

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