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Summary. Discover top-notch custom workshop press solutions at The Workshop Press Company UK. Enhance your machine’s efficiency with our diverse range of workshop press accessories, from V-blocks to notching tools. Reach out now for tailored press needs!


Are you looking for a custom Hydraulic Workshop Press and accessories? Then look no further than The Workshop Press Company UK. As a well established supplier of hydraulic press machines, we offer a wide variety of standard presses. In addition, we offer everything you need to customise your machine.

We’re proud to work with leading European press machine manufacturers. Therefore, letting us to deliver on quality and reliability every time with our products. Having worked with these machines for decades, we understand the importance of being able to customise your machine based on your requirements to precisely suit your production needs.

So, when you purchase a hydraulic press machine from The Workshop Press Company, you’ll have a wealth of options and accessories to choose from.

Workshop Press Accessories

You may be wondering why workshop press accessories are needed after investing in such a heavy duty piece of equipment. However, despite our machines coming equipped with various capabilities, there are benefits to investing in the appropriate accessories and tools for your press machine.

Workshop press accessories can help to enhance the performance of your machine. Additionally, they can help optimise its efficiency when it comes to meeting your requirements. Depending on the application at hand, tools and accessories for hydraulic press machines ensure the user gets the optimum benefits from their machine. This is especially true for press and punching machines.

V-Block Sets

At Workshop Press, we have a range of V-block sets available for a variety of presses. You can choose the most suitable set depending on the tonnage of your machine. From 15 ton presses through to 300 ton presses, we can support you in equipping your machine with the most appropriate accessory. V-blocks are holding tools that can enhance the hold of the workpiece for the machine operator.

Why use a v-block set?

Specially designed for cylindrical components in mind, v-blocks can hold the cylindrical workpiece securely in place whilst it’s being machined. Such shapes can be difficult to work with, particularly when it comes to holding it in place. A v-block can help manufacturers overcome this issue. Thus helping to create a smoother machining process, and reducing the risk of mistakes being made.

Mandrel Sets

As mentioned before, we design our workshop press accessories to enhance the performance of our press machines. Mandrel sets can help do this by expanding the list of sizes the machine is capable of working with. Not only can you buy mandrel sets for 100 ton presses, but they also enable your press machine to handle a wider range of applications with different sized workpieces.

Work Tables

As part of the workshop press accessories range, we also have a variety of work tables to choose from. With options suitable for 30, 60, 100, and 160 ton workshop presses, these high quality work tables can be used to mount various tools, jigs and fixtures with the built in mounting holes.

Notching Tools

Moreover, Another category of tools that The Workshop Press Company offers are notching tools for round pipe, square pipe, and flat sheets. These tools are a quick chance and easily slide in and out of any press. They can create corners in flat sheet, create rounded corners, notch tubes to created perfect t-junctions or to create tube drainage holes.

Contact Us Today

We strive to be the workshop press company that you can get everything you need from. This is why we offer a huge range of workshop press accessories alongside our workshop presses for sale. Are you looking for a custom workshop press? Or want to find out more about our accessories? Then head to our website today. Alternatively, call +44 (0)800 999 1090 to speak to a member of our team.

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